1953 North American Aviation Serial number 54 138110. Mostly complete airframe. Includes wings.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1953
Make: North American Aviation
Serial number 54-138110. Mostly complete airframe. Includes wings, ailerons, flaps, horizontal stabilizers, elevators, vertical fin, rudder, canopy sections (some plexiglass panels broken or missing), fuselage, most parts are there to assemble it to static display condition. NOT INCLUDED are anything firewall forward, such as engine and mount, prop, engine cowling and exhaust, instruments, landing gear. The lower forward nose section below the lower longerons was removed to be used on another fuselage. Some smaller parts may be missing, suggest inspecting before bidding. Data plate and FAA Airworthiness paperwork are not included. Sold as parts only, as-is-where-is. You will have to come pick it up and haul it yourself, I can assist you in loading. I hauled it with a 20 foot utility trailer, but it takes 2 or more loads to get it all that way. It does have some old military paperwork with it, and it was in Thailand in the 1970"s. It is located at the Linn, Missouri airport. (More pictures will be added soon when I get time).
Current date: 2021-08-01