1946 1946 Bellanca Cruisair Senior 14 13 2 For Sale By Owner Tenth owner since new, Aug 1946.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1946
1946 Bellanca Cruisair Senior 14-13-2
For Sale By Owner

Tenth owner since new, Aug 1946, purchased December 1991, flying and in-license since purchase. N86728, Ser# 1089, TTAF 2060; complete restoration 1973-76 , always hangared since restoration complete Jan 1976; Ceconite 101 is good. Franklin 6A4-165-B3 - heavy case; 606 SMOH; R&L Slick impulse mags; POC oil cooler; 35A alternator; Tarver Aeromatic F100 propeller; Terra - TX760D Comm, TN200D VOR/ILS, and TRI-NAV CDI, Narco AT150 Xpndr, SkyHunter 1221.5/406 ELT, PS Engineering 2-place Intercom, second comm. boost TX transformer plus antenna on belly for handheld; Wheelen Comet Flash strobes – white wing tips and a red belly. Flew to SnF from SC47, parked VAC, 4/12/21, returned 4/16/21; 3.5 hr flight down and back, 440 nm ea way.
Feature list >> Bodell disc brakes, brake pedals pilot side only.
> Transmit booster transformer for handheld, w/ belly antenna; w/ on-off switch (handheld not included).> No ADSB In/Out, Not IFR certified.> 2 - 20 Gal wing tanks, each L&R, 40 Gal Total; no extended range tank in fuselage.> No side baggage door - small baggage storage area behind rear seat back.
Maintenance Highlights >26 Mar 2021 Replaced wing root fairing gap seals with new silicone seals. 22 Mar 2021 Annual completed. VFR Transponder tested-checked and logged, Altitude/Codes/Ident.
Compressions: #1-75/80, #3-75/80, #5-76/80 #2-75/80, #4-76/80, #6-75/80. Cleaned, re-gapped and rotated spark plugs; 0.016”, reinstalled torqued 216 in/lb.
Mar 2021 Replaced oil filter to crankcase hoses 5/8” ID, 250 PSI (3) and all new hose clamps (wave type). Replaced gasket with new, between engine driven fuel pump and crankcase mount.Jan 2021 Replaced crankcase top cover gasket with new REAL Gasket (Silicone). Replaced oil filler tube gasket.Oct 2020 Rebuilt both left and right main gear Bodell brake cylinder assemblies with new friction discs and brake cylinder O-rings, right side new heat insulator disc.Apr 2020 Replaced Delco-Remy starter with new Sky-Tec F12ST2 starter. Replaced tachometer drive oil seal and case gasket with new (in assembly# 18744) Aug 2019 New brushes installed in alternator. Replaced intake manifold collar clamps with upgraded clamps.July 2019 New 12V sealed Concord battery. Dec 2019 SkyHunter 121.5/406 ELT tested, re-certified, new 5 yr battery installed. Sep 2019 35Amp alternator – new brushes. Aug 2019 Replaced right gear tire tube w/ new Michelin Air Stop. Aug 2019 Replaced right & left brake friction discs, right side retainer spring.June 2017 New main gear tires and tubes Goodyear Flight Special II, 6.000x6, 6ply rated, and Michelin AirStop tubes. Apr 2016 New, Pacific Oil Cooler, FAA 337 Apr 2016 Both Slick Magnetos Rebuilt, Quality Aircraft Accessories Sep 2013 MA4 Carburetor rebuilt, Velocity Shop - Yellow Tagged
Includes additional items: BatteryMinder for 12V sealed Concord Battery. New plexiglass windscreen in box; would need to be shipped by purchaser. Fabric for interior restoration - cabin liner and rear seat.
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*Caveat Emptor*The Plane is 75 years old.Has to be hangared, long term storage tied down outdoors is not recommended.
Very good mechanical / operational condition.Paint is a 10 from 15 feet, not as good close up - paint is cracking along the longerons and stringers, and at a few fuselage and wing places.
About half of the interior"s fabric, cabin liner/rear seat and seat back needs replacement. It"s 45 years old.

Current date: 2021-04-24