“Currently flying and in good condition” Slepcev Storch 2007 SLEPCEV STORCH SS4UL N156BPThis is one.

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Make: Slepcev Storch Model Year: 2007
SLEPCEV STORCH SS4UL N156BPThis is one Super STOL aircraft that is a ¾ scale replica of the famous German plane, the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch. If you want the ultimate STOL aircraft then this is the one. Some of it features are:Rotax 912ULS 100 HP engineWhirlwind STOL 75 inch 3 bladed propeller with spinner (new) 32.5 foot wingspan Full leading edge slots Giant tail feathers with awesome rudder control Basically un-stallable Best in its class visibility. Fly with doors open or removed 220 hours TTSN on airframe and engine Built by the factory in Serbia in 2007 and imported into the US in 2007 with 75 hours TTSN Experimental Certificate with Operating Limitations Empty weight 720 lbs. Light Sport or Experimental with higher GTOW At 1,000 lbs TO weight a normal takeoff is 150 feet at 30 kts with 1,000-1400 FPM climb at Vy 50 kts 15 gals in two wing tanks with a removable aux belly tank (bomb) of 10 gals, 3.5 GPH burn at cruise Cruise speed of 72 kts at 3.5 GPH burn MicroAir comm radio Becker ATC 4401-1 Transponder with blind encoder 8:50 x 6 tires, Marc Ingegno wheels and disc brakes Maule tailwheel with solid tire All new fuel system with electric aux pump and return line to tank Fresh Conditional Inspection at time of sale Recent work: both carbs rebuilt, new spark plugs, new Rotax fuel pump, new carb mounts, all engine electrical wiring connectors and grounds removed and cleaned, etc...Recent work done this winter: Redid panel layout and painted, all new electrical wiring to panel, new ignition switches with guards, new toggle switches, install new fuel pressure gauge. Modified forward control stick for better ergonomics. Modified the boot cowling by making the center top panel removable with nut-plates. This now gives full access to everything between the firewall and back of the instrument panel. It was impossible to get to the back of the instruments prior to this modification.Why would you even consider a Kitfox, Highlander, Rans S7 or a Super STOL when you can have this aircraft that will takeoff and land shorter then most for a lot less money. OK I will admit its slow, but that is what STOL aircraft are about.Aircraft is located in Priest River, IDIf you are an ID resident you will need to pay sales tax on this purchaseContactDavid Botich david.botich@gmail.com 775-315-0162
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