1940 Piper 1940 Piper J3 Cub Airplane: Airframe has 3,451 hours, engine has 422 hours since major.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1940
Make: Piper
1940 Piper J3 Cub Airplane: Airframe has 3,451 hours, engine has 422 hours since major overhaul. In excellent running condition. It is a very nice airplane. All white color cub instruments. Plane flies hands off. Very easy to start on first pull cold or hot. This one will surprise you and you will be impressed. C75 engine bumped up for more power. You will be very impressed with the performance with full of fuel and two people on board even on a hot day. Very easy to take off and land. This is a true piece of history. Fresh annual, oil changed and ready to go. Also have C85 engine to go with this plane that has been bumped up with more horsepower and has 99.6 hours since major overhaul. Comes with reconditioned carburetor. Also comes with a brand new box of complete install kit for C85. I have several thousands of dollars in this set up. I was going to install it and fly to Alaska but due to health issues I can not do this anymore. I must let her go. I have had this plane a long time and regretfully have to let her go. I do not want to sell to a broker to resale to make money on it. I want her to go to a good home with somebody to enjoy flying it as much as I have. The engine now has plenty of power for the cub. Also has large new tail wheel recently installed and has large balloon tires for on and off airport landings. You can land this cub anywhere. Also have smaller tires that comes with it if you want to swap out. Comes with nice handheld radio, colored GPS, 2 place intercom, multi batteries, plugs and accessories for cross country flying. Has skylight windshield, very clean, no corrasion, large breaks, new stainless steel exhaust, chrome value covers and metal prop. I have flown this very carefully and have had no damage done to it. I would fly my children and grandchildren anywhere in it. If you have ever owned or wanted a cub this is the one you would want. Not selling locally although I could but I would see it flying and it would be to upsetting. Can help arrange ferry pilot to bring it home to you or you can pick up. I have sold my two biplanes in the past and arranged with a ferry pilot to take them home to the new owners, who were very happy with their purchases. I will not break it down for trailering. Absolutely not! Any questions regarding this airplane please call John 205-505-1401. Call for deposit. I reserve the right to pull this early. Deposit is nonrefundable. Not responsible for typographical errors.
Current date: 2021-05-20