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Model Year: 1937 Make: Taylorcraft
More Details! May 6, 1978 the A40 was removed and replaced by A65. Airframe TT 1378.1 Last Inspection Sept. 24, 1979 Airframe TT 1424.4 A65 had 46.3 hours since Installed and stored. Wings rebuilt and Airframe rebuilt June 15, 1969 and determined to be ready for Cover. Dec.30,1970 was next Annual. Airframe TT1348. I believe both engines are in this one Engine Log. Looks like the A40 was Topped on May 14, 1968. May 6, 1978 when A65 was installed shows a TSMOH of 00.0 which I think is the A65. Both engines in running condition when aircraft stored. Aircraft cover should be good. Condition of paint is excellent ( no Oxidation) as well as wood stringers and Chromoly on fuselage all look like new.The plane is being sold "AS IS". Happy to show it here in my Hangar with Log Books and historical paperwork.
Current date: 2019-05-06