“Project or for Parts, in good condition” ERCOUPE 1946 morethemerrier morethemerrier (964 ) 99.6%.

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Make: ERCOUPE Model Year: 1946


morethemerrier (964 ) 99.6% : morethemerrier
Categories Antique photos Antiques Art Deco Automotive and Industrial Home and Kitchen Military Memorablia Motorcycles Sports and Outdoors Tobacciana Tools and Hardware Toys and Games Vintage Vintage Ads and Signs Vintage Books and Paper Goods Vintage Electronics Other 1946 ERCOUPE 415-C AircraftThis airplane has been in storage for many years. The registration N number have been kept current. The former owner purchased a number of parts for it but never finished putting it all back together. Among many other parts included are a Continental 750 hp engine that has compression, McCauley Propeller, wings with no apparent corrosion, dual rudders, stabilizer, cowling and mount, windshield with no visible cracks, brand new plexiglass windows and trim, control yoke, control panel with most guages, landing gear, engine mount, nose cone, and much much more. Nothing appears to be damaged. If you have any specific questions don"t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to answer.
If you are interested in just a part or parts of this airplane, please contact us. If it does not receive any bids, we will be willing to break it up and sell it for parts.
From the AOPA website:"The Ercoupe—so named because the first models were built by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) of Riverdale, Maryland—has a following of enthusiastic owners. It’s a two-seater built for simplicity, safety, and fun flying, and was technologically advanced in its day. It’s stall- and spin-resistant thanks to limited elevator travel, has excellent roll stability due to its large wing dihedral, has minimal left-turning tendency effects because its twin rudders are mounted out of the propeller’s blast, and has good landing traits because of its tricycle landing gear and trailing-link main gear. Its designer was the legendary Fred Weick, who went on to craft Piper’s Pawnee agplane and Cherokee line of piston singles. Guaranteed to draw a crowd...they are just plain fun to fly: You can slide down the canopy halves and cruise with the wind in your hair, your arm resting on the window sill."Please view the video to see all of the parts and the condition of this beautiful airplane.
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