Notes: “ , disassembled, no engine or prop. ” 1946 Stinson Hello, This is a 1946 Stinson 108 1. It.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Used, disassembled, no engine or prop. ”
Model Year: 1946 Make: Stinson

This is a 1946 Stinson 108-1. It was disassembled, apparently for an annual, and never put back together. The engine and prop were removed and are not available.
As far as I can tell this is complete, but I have not inventoried everything. There are two large crates of smaller parts in labeled bags. It should be fairly straightforward to reassemble. I did see that one of the windows has a crack forming, but that is the only real damage I have seen other than minor hanger rash. The fabric and paint seem to mostly be in good condition. The tires look good and hold pressure just fine. The interior pieces I have seen, like the door panels and stuff, look to be in really nice shape. I have a lot of documentation which I will post a picture of later on including the airframe log books and airworthiness certificate. I have always kept this stored in a hanger and it was indoors when I got it as well. It would have been a fun build, but I have too many projects at the moment and need to cut back. Feel free to come and see it in person and even bring your mechanic if you want to KSFF. Feel free to ask any questions.
This will need a large trailer to haul it on as well as the two crates of small parts. $250 deposit is due within 48 hours and the balance within two weeks. After the sale I can store this for four weeks for free, but after that it is $100 per month for storage. I can help load this, but you will need to arrange your own shipping.
No reserve auction, high bidder gets it!
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