1950 B35 Bonanza E 185 11 205hp engine. Hartzell HC D2MV20 7 5151.0 TT aircraft on ADLOG System, but.

Condition: Used

1950 B35 Bonanza E-185-11 205hp engine. Hartzell HC-D2MV20-7
5151.0 TT aircraft on ADLOG System, but first 9 years of the aircraft log is missing. Engine logs complete since remanufacture.
Last Annual 3-27-2018
Engine 1265.0 SREM Ted Smith 1970 640 SMOH 1996 340 STOH 2016
Propellor 488 SNEW 1999
Avionics 1- Narco MK-12D with G/S 1-Narco AT-150 transponder ADSB out not complied with.
Original “piano key” instrument panel with single throw over control column with small rams horn control yoke. Leather interior to include front and rear seats and both side panels. 1” black aircraft foam behind the sidewalls. Dark grey carpet front, rear and baggage compartment.
In 2001 a complete overhaul of the landing gear was completed at a cost of $42,796.97 (my same thought, wow). All of the documents and invoice included. Many other documents and manuals included. See pictures. There is a FAA CD included that has the history of this aircraft.
The forward tail spar magnesium attachment fitting has been replaced with a new aluminum one so no repeditive inspections required.
Aircraft paint condition would be an honest 5/10. It does shine, but up close you can see areas of peeling around items such as inspection ports. Interior is an 8/10.
The Bonanza is now parked at 49A (Gilmer County Airport) in northern Georgia where we live. Please feel free to contact me for additional question or information you may have. Up until November it has been hangered since I have owned it and the previous owner in southern Utah as well.
Thanks for viewing!
Located in Ellijay, Georgia, United States.
Current date: 2019-01-11