1953 Cessna TT 3090TSMOH 490 Continental O470JTSPOH 490Exterior Blue, yellow, and white. Paint is in.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1953
Make: Cessna
TT - 3090TSMOH - 490 Continental O470JTSPOH - 490
Exterior - Blue, yellow, and white. Paint is in good condition. There are some runs on the leading edges from a poor touch up and some chips on the side of the fuselage from prop wash.
Interior - Blue fabric. Good condition with a brand new, heavy duty headliner.
Avionics - Narco Audio Panel. Narco and KX170 Nav/Comms w/VLOC and LOC. L3 9000 Transponder with ADSB In/Out/WIFI.
Scott tail wheel, Horton STOL, Inertial reel harnesses, Rosen Visors, Tundra tires (not installed), Sump heater,
All logs. Damage history - logs indicate two ground loops occurred. Last was in the 1970s.
Owner comments - This is the first carburetor engine I"ve owned. It is incredibly smooth, powerful, and starts every time with ease. Cruise speed is 130 KTAS with a consumption between 12-13 GPH. I purchased it so my daughter could train on it; however, went a different way. We now need a twin, hence the reason for selling. The pics do not show the new headliner or Visors as that job is just being completed. I took pictures after the removal to show the airframe. It is very clean.
Aircraft is available for sale locally.
Sale is subject to an acceptable inspection by buyer at buyer"s expense.
A $1000 deposit is required and is refundable less expenses and relisting fees.
Current date: 2019-04-05