Goodyear 1955 Ok here goes. I am listing my 1955 Single seat Goodyear INFLATO PLANE. You can google.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Goodyear
Model Year: 1955?
Ok here goes. I am listing my 1955? Single seat Goodyear INFLATO-PLANE. You can google it and do all the research so im not going to go into it. I acquired it in an estate that i bought a few years ago. I am in the airplane business and have an FBO at the Reading airport in Pennsylvania. I was going to display it but never got around to it. This is literally one of a kind. Only 12 were ever built and i dont know of any that are left. A friend of my father is actually an arms dealer and was going to try to trade it with the US army for a blackhawk helicopter (not kidding) but it hasnt come to fruition. If anyone ready this in the military at a position to make that happen i would do a trade. I do fly helicopters. The airplane needs a couple engine parts fabricated but i can have it done in my maintenance shop if need be. We did inflate it a couple years ago but the pictire was on an old phone. It held air perfectly. If someone is seriously interested it can be inflated anytime. Interesting trades considered. I am testing the waters so shoot offers. Its not going to be cheap though so please domt waste my time. The plane is being stored in one of our heated hangars and can be see anytime although it just looks like a pile of I am attaching pics of not the exact plane but of a similar one as mine again is just in a pile. This auction is not b.s. This plane is the real deal. Thanks for your time.
Current date: 2014-12-18