1959 Cessna This cute straight tail Cessna 150 has been a joy to fly and a reliable bird. I bought.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1959
Make: Cessna
This cute straight tail Cessna 150 has been a joy to fly and a reliable bird. I bought this plane for my son to get his license in, it kept him safe, and its time to pass it on to someone else. As aircraft go, it is as inexpensive as you can get to operate. It is inexpensive to insure, if you need parts they are available, and it has an auto gas STC. It has been hangered by myself and the last owner. It has a very nice interior. It is in annual, but the annual expires on 1 July 2020. (You would want to get your mechanic to inspect it anyway)
The engine has 850 SMOH. Both mags and the Carburetor have been overhauled in the last 110 hours. It starts easily with only one shot of prime. The Oil sample sent to lab at last annual had lower then average metal levels for an engine with this time. In cruise flight it burns about one quart of oil in 8-9 hours. It has a vacuum pump STC so you don"t have the lag of a venturi system. The engine logs go back to 1986.
The Airframe has 5780 hours total time. It has no known corrosion and was treated with the ACF50 process two years ago. It has had a new tinted wind screen installed within the last 100 hours. Both breaks and the nose strut have been serviced in the last 50 hours. The paint is below average but is serviceable. If I had to put a number to it I would call the fuselage a 4 and the wings a 3. The paint on the wings and the rudder are cracked but not flacking. It does have some hangar rash on the left wing (see picture). The picture makes it look worse then it is, but I wanted to disclose it. It has passed many annuals from multiple inspectors with the hangar rash. The airframe logs go back to 1989.
The avionics are basic. It has a King KY97A com, a KT76A Transponder and a Sky Beacon ADSB. Foreflight is my friend.
This has been a great airplane that we hate to see go. It has been on many adventures, and it is ready for many more with the next owner. Aircraft is located at Rock Hill, SC airport.
Now for the legal stuff. I have represented this aircraft to the best of my abilities. There are no guarantees or warranties expressed or implied. You are taking the aircraft as is. The times may change slightly. A $1000 deposit is required within 72 hours. Payment in full must be received within 7 days. If you can not be contacted you will be reported to ebay for non payment and the item will be relisted. I am willing work with you for final delivery.
Current date: 2020-05-31