Notes: “ Project Aircraft Some repair needed. Please see details. ” 1959 Piper Here is a vintage.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Project Aircraft - Some repair needed. Please see details. ”
Model Year: 1959 Make: Piper

Here is a vintage Piper Comanche with the “bullet-proof” Lycoming 180. For those not familiar with a Comanche, it’s an honest 4-place (1013 lb Useful Load) with a roomy cabin, > 150 MPH cruise, and > 5 hr endurance (60 gal). A great cross-country aircraft! This is a re-listing through no-fault of our own or the aircraft (winning bidder failed to pay)! This Comanche 180, s/n 24-1171 (N6075P), was donated to us (Wings of Hope Inc) in March 2016 and ferried to our airport, KSUS (Chesterfield, MO) shortly after. That was the last time it has flown. Due to IRS donation rules, we could not sell it for 36 months. The last time the airplane was started was in June 2017. We had to jump the battery at that time and decided to remove the battery, to preclude any corrosion issues. This month we hooked it up to external power and it started right up. We performed a compression check. They were great (74, 72, 76, 73) and it has chromed cylinders! 4,72 0 Total Time on the Airframe. The remanufactured engine (O-360-A1A, s/n RL-5416-36) has 2163 hrs, only 679 since overhaul (Sep 1989). The McCauley propeller (2D36C14-B, s/n 611012) has 847 since overhaul (May 1987). The last annual inspection was performed in September 2015. The recently bench-checked KX-155 NAV/COM works great (w/8130-3 tag), the ADF ground tests OK and the Transponder is InOp. The Rudder Balance Kit (760-705) is installed, in C/W AD 72-22-05, as well as the Nose Gear Down Lock Spring kit (761-082). We have all the logbooks and know of No Damage History! Here’s the link to the scans of the logbooks: https:/ here Exterior: Good to Fair, White with Red and Black stripes Interior: Good, Red vinyl and cloth upholstery and side panels, red carpet, installed May 2001 Because of the work required to return this aircraft to airworthy condition (detailed below), and our limited volunteer maintenance staff, we are selling it “As Is, Where Is” and with NO warranties of any kind. Below are the discrepancies identified on the 2016 ferry flight and status of the recurring ADs: Pilot Storm Window needs a new seal
Auto-Pilot (wing leveler) is InOp Cabin heat control is stiff Cabin entry door fresh air vent knob is missing Pilot side fresh air vent needed to be taped closed Right flap is catching between 10 degrees and full up No battery Windshield has 2” diameter crazing above the defroster vents Recurring AD Status 68-13-03, Fuel Cell Collapse: Inspection due in 29 hrs 75-12-06, Fin Forward Spar: Inspection due in 29 hrs 77-13-21, (A) Piper 782A Inspection due in 667 hrs 77-13-21, (B) Bungee Replacement: Replacement due 79-20-10, Aileron Nose Rib: Inspection due in 29 hrs 94-13-10, Stabilator Torque Tube: Inspection due in 29 hrs 97-01-01 R1, was 95-20-7: MLG Side Brace Studs: Inspection due in 615 hrs 12-17-06: Stab Horn Assy Cracks, inspection due in 90 hrs Airplane is sold “As Is, Where Is”, with NO warranty expressed or implied. Remember, when you are making a bid, YOU ARE ACCEPTING and AGREEING TO A CONTRACT TO BUY! We have made our best attempt to reflect accurate information, but all information is SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION BY THE BUYER . Any Pre-Buy Inspections must be accomplished before the auction ends. Payment Terms: A $1,000 non-fundable deposit (PayPal or Credit Card) must be received within 48 hours of Auction end. Balance (via Wire Transfer) within 10 days of Auction end. If these terms are not met, we will move on to other bidders. Wings of Hope is the largest humanitarian aviation charity in the world and the only one staffed primarily by volunteers. Purchasing this aircraft will support our mission of changing and saving lives through the power of aviation. In the U.S., Wings of Hope provides medical air transport services – free of charge – to those who need specialized care. The organization provide similar support to poor communities in Africa, Asia and Central and South America. We will allow the winning bidder to keep the airplane on our ramp for up to 30 days after the auction end. After that, we charge $100/mo or the buyer can make arrangements with the Spirit of St Louis Airport where you can arrange monthly tie-down rental (~$40/mo). Please direct any question to Wings of Hope, Inc, Mike @ 314-705-9250. Happy Bidding!
Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, United States.
Current date: 2019-06-14