1960 Beech Will sell it parts or whole ..Plane was donated to our non profit SurvivorSquad.org (.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1960
Make: Beech
Will sell it parts or whole.....Plane was donated to our non-profit SurvivorSquad.org ( visit the site for our direct contact info please ). My friend had owned it for 15 years and it has been sitting in the same spot at the Corona Airport. Both motor were started 3 years ago and the plane a taxi the airport a couple years before that but hasn"t been in the air since ~2003. I have all the seats and most the interior. Motor are complete. I believe the Engines are Supercharged 340hp. LYCOMING GSO&IGSO-480.
Model H50"Supercharged version of the D50C with increased takeoff weight and IGSO-480-A1A6 engines, 30 built." wiki The right motor will run with minimal work the left was having some fuel delivery issues with the pump but was able momentarily run by utilizing the primer pump. I will take a reasonable offer on the entire plane or gladly start parting it there enough interest.
Current date: 2019-04-13