“Old avionics, full price include to installGMA 340 Audio Panel support 6 intercom and 3 NAV COM.

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Make: Cessna Featured Refinements: Cessna 310
Model Year: 1960
Buy it now includes2x Yokes replacement2x KX155 Replacement1x Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel replacementSidewinder electric tow bar ($2,000 worth)
Original Avionics, ready to be upgraded with 2x Transceivers and an Audio Panel that supports digital NAV.Garmin GTX 340 ADSB OUTPTT on pilot sideExternal intercom (no panel mounted but including the audio panel for that upgrade and add intercom to all stations)5 SeatsUseful load 1,000 LB (200LB per station + 100 LB cargo)2x 50 GAL Main Tanks2x 15 GAL AUX Tanks130 GAL Total fuel load900 mi range @ 24GPH
Right Engine IO-420-D
191.7 SMOH
72 75 72 70 72 72
Left Engine IO-420-D
2145 TT
70 68 68 75 68 70
Aircraft TT 4357.9
Left Prop 150 SMOH
Right Prop 541 SMOH
2 x 260 HPBest Cruise Speed:191 KIASBest Range (i):678 NMFuel Burn @ 75%:25.0 GPHStall Speed:73 KIASRate of climb:1,800 FPMRate of climb (1 engine out):375 FPMCeiling:21,300 FTCeiling (1 engine out):7,450 FTTakeoff distance:1,120 FTLanding distance:1,265 FTTakeoff distance over 50ft obstacle:1,395 FTLanding distance over 50ft obstacle:1,720 FT
Current date: 2021-02-14