Beechcraft 1962 Arizona Air Salvage arizonaaircraftsalvage (6054 ) 99% : Arizona Air Salvage.

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Condition: Used Make: Beechcraft
Model Year: 1962

Arizona Air Salvage

arizonaaircraftsalvage (6054 ) 99% : Arizona Air Salvage
Categories Aircraft Make Aircraft Project Avionics & Instruments 1962 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza Project
S/N D-6965
AFTT: 5402.4
Last Annualed: 7/19 Clean surfaces, no hail damage Cleveland wheels and brakes Nice leather interior Vernier engine control cables Inertia reels shoulder seat belts Clean glass Wing tip strobes lights Large luggage compartment ACK 406 ELT Avionics are old but simple, single throw over yoke included
Engine: Continental IO-470-N S/N 87801-8-C 103.4 hrs SMOH by CHUCK NEYS ENTERPRISES Overhauled 2016 520 Cylinders 260HP Skytec Starter Plane Power Alternator 70 72 60 76 76 72 over 80 last compression recorded Now this aircraft suffered a gear up landing
Like most gear ups, it wasnt a mechanical issue but rather the pilot got distracted and simply forgot until it was too late
The damage is what you would suspect on a Bonanza Nose gear doors Inboard main gear doors Cowl flaps Belly skins from nose gear doors to the front main carry thru spar (no spar damage, just a reference point) Flaps Step Now there are several ways one could approach the aircraft, ferry it out and repair, or maybe you have another Bonanza and are eyeballing the IO-470-N engine with only 103.4hrs!!!
Fix it or use it as parts to build yours. Lots of good parts to go around
Located at the Hicks Airfield Ft. Worth TX (KT67)
Storage will be paid for 30 days after close of auction (only $85 a month)
Sold with complete logs, faa bill of sale, and keys
Any questions feel free to ask Current date: 2020-08-25