Location: Kanab, UtahBeachcraft Barron N400BL1962 95 a55 with B conversion SN TC 319TT 3948 (Total.

Location: Kanab, UtahBeachcraft Barron N400BL
1962 95-a55 with B conversion SN-TC-319TT-3948 (Total Time)Last annual 12 feb 2015
Aux tanks hold 31 gallons Main tanks hold 37 gallons Total 136 gallons fuel capacity 10k feet roughly 22gph at cruise (gives over 6 hours of fuel time minus reserve)De-icing alcohol system on props / windshield deicing TACTAIR auto pilot
Twin engine Fuel injected IO-470 Continental motors with good times remainingLeft engine - Model IO-470-L SN CS-155203-5-L260 hp 2625 rpmTT=1988/Hobbs 3732 TSMO 736 (A/F at OH -2996)
Right engine - Model IO-470-L SN CS-91569-4-L260 hp 2625 rpmTT=2912/Hobbs 3732 TSMO 915 (A/F at OH -2818)
Prop Times - 332.9 SMO and 338.7 SMO
Throttle/Prop/Mixture cables are okay to be ferried but are tight and It needs ADSB put in.I have 6 brand new throttle / prop / mixture cables in the box, they are Beechcraft OEM cables.
Avionics:Kx 155 bendix / king And Narco AT165 TSOClip in Garmin GPS
The main tires are new and have been replaced, have a new front tire that needs to be put on.
All 3 landing gear have been rebuilt.The right wing main fuel bladder needs to be replaced. Eagle fuel cells sells them.
I have the new rod end / for the ad on the nose gear. Easy replacement but needs to be done.AD on the oil fill necks need to be done, pretty simple to do.All new valve cover gaskets, new alternator belts
No damage history, no hail damage.Very nice aircraft.Currently up to date registration in my name.Bring your mechanic to do a pre-buy inspection Compressions on all cylinders checked good
Contact me at (Nine three 6 - 327 - 7 nine 6 5)Many more pics available upon request
Current date: 2022-02-04