1963 For Sale By: Private 1963 Mooney : M20D C FOR SALE: 1963 Mooney M20D C, S N 191, TT 5,450HRS.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1963
For Sale By: Private Seller Model Year: 1963
Make: Mooney Model: M20D/C
FOR SALE: 1963 Mooney M20D/C, S/N 191, TT 5,450HRS, All logs available. Next annual 03/2022.DESCRIPTION: Complex airplane (constant speed propeller,retractable manual gear), 4 seats, payload, the fastest wing in general aviation (typ. cruise ~130 knots),low fuel consumption (~9 gph). Perfect for cross country trips on a budget. Few ADs make annuals relatively inexpensive in comparison with other brands. All ADs complied,CONDITION: Average, worn, original stock paint, upholstery, etc.Not pretty, but functional.ENGINE: 180 hp, Lycoming 0-360-AID TT 3,850, TSOH 1,900. Two front cylinders were renewed recently.PROPELLER: 2-Blade Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF, TSOH 10 hrs.Times listed are approximate.EQUIPMENT: VFR Equipped, NAV-COMM Narco MK 12D, VORindicator, Transponder Narco, ELT Artex 345, portable intercom, GPS Garmin 196in dashboard cradle, iPad cradle, GT-50 Flight Data System, ADSB-Out UAvionicsSkyBeacon, raft, cover, solar trickle charger,GROSS WEIGHT: 2,575 lbsEmpty weight 1,578 lbsTOPSPEED: 165 ktsFuelCapacity: 48 galRANGE: ~650nmCEILING: 17200 ftCURRENT LOCATION: KHWO (North Perry/ Hollywood) Florida.Listed also locally, so may need to terminate the auction early if sold before the end.PAYMENT: $1,000 Deposit must be paid within 24 hours, and the reminder must be paid in full within one week.SHOWING: I can show you the airplane within approx. ~100mile radius from KHWO, subject to my availability and weather-permitting.DELIVERY: I could ferry the plane up to ~500 miles, once paid in full. Also, there are plenty of ferry pilots to hire instead.The sale entirely benefits a 501c3 charity.
Ebay does not seem to post Q&As under the listing any more. Below are the updates, copied by hand for everyone"s benefit:
Q: The log books are complete from1963?A: Affirmative.
Q: Is there any damage history?A: Negative.
Q: Is it currently in annual?A: Affirmative. That"s why our description says: "next annual 03/2022."
Q: Very interested in your plane. Wondering what is the 501c3 and what does it benenfit?A: Glad to hear it. The 501c3 is Building Enclosure Institute: a scientific foundation doing research and education about protective functions of buildings" skins. See also here , and Facebook page.
Q:How is the oil consumption?! Are there any fuel leaks?
A: Oil consumption is very good, I seldom need to add any oil at all. There have been very small, dry stains around fasteners under wings, most likely fuel seepage. They were like that for several years, and because they were within allowable tolerances, no action was taken. (This is an example of a very good, detailed question focusing on some pertinent details that were not addressed in the description. Please ask more questions of this kind.)
Q: Is the For Sale and phone number spray painted on the side of the fuselage permanent?A: No. Its a vinyl decal. It may peel some old paint during removal though, but it wouldn"t make much of a difference in terms of aesthetics. The plane is generally overdue for a new coat of paint, something we intended to do, but never found the time.
Q:Is this still available? Can you please send more details?A: Yes. If you see it posted, it means it"s available. Yes, we can send more details, but if you need more information, you need to be more specific in your request. (We got tens of questions like this one, and will no longer respond to them. Please, respect our time.)
Current date: 2021-03-29