1963 Piper Avionics of Lafayette Avionics Inc avionics laf (1129 ) 100% : Avionics of Lafayette.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1963
Make: Piper

Avionics of Lafayette Avionics Inc

avionics-laf (1129 ) 100% : Avionics of Lafayette Avionics Inc
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TTAF: 3895
Gross Weight: 2900 lbs.
Useful Load: 1118.9 lbs.
Garmin GNS430 GPS/COM/NAV/GS, GTX335 Xpdr w/ADS-B Out 2020 Compliant. The GTX335 displays TIS-A traffic on the GNS430. STRATUS 2 Dual Band ADS-B Receiver, Electric Backup Horizon, 6 EGT/CHT Scanner, Fuel Flow, S-TEC 65 Autopilot with Altitude Pre-Select! The autopilot alone would cost $54,000.00 installed. The Garmin equipment another $10,000.00 installed.
Has Aileron/Flap/Rudder Gap Seals, Wing Root Fairings and Met-Co-Aire Hoerner Wingtips add cruise speed, lower stall speed and better rate of climb. These would cost $4,000.00 if painted and installed today. Both Stabilator and Rudder weights give it back the 227 mph Vne! Most Comanche 250’s have the rudder weights, but the stabilator weights are a bit more rare. The stabilator weight kits are no longer available!
Has the 3-Blade McCauley prop which gets rid of prop AD. The prop only has 154 hours since factory new. Newer style Piper yokes. One piece windshield and no-frame pilot’s window, great glass. Gorgeous paint and leather interior. Piper factory 90 gallon fuel tanks, electric Fowler flaps, pilot’s side toe brakes and center stack instrument panel. All four fuel cells were replaced in 2000. Vernier prop and mixture controls. Air/Oil separator. Shoulder harnesses four places. Inflatable door seal. Copper battery cable mod. Brand new RG-35AXC Premium Sealed Battery with Bogert 1-1-6 Adapters. 33 Amp Hours, largest capacity battery available! New Oil Pan Preheater. New brake pads, New tires and tubes. 15x6.00-6 nose tire. New main gear bungee cords, not due for 3 years. All AD’s complied with.
Engine compressions 76/74/72/76/76/76.In 1986 the gear collapsed on landing because the pilot failed to correctly put the gear down manually. In 2000 was in a 75mph wind storm on ramp and was damaged. Repaired correctly with detailed documentation.
The log books and records are complete back to birth.Engine: Lycoming O-540-A1D5 #L-15745-40250 BHP @ 2575 RPMTTSN: 1876 Since Factory New
Suggested TBO time of 2000 hours.
Magnetos: Bendix
AirSep Air/Oil Separator
Prop: McCauley B3D32C412-C #993338
3-Blade with No AD’sTTSN: 154.41 Since Factory New
Prop Governor: McCauley DC290D/T34 #001162
Spinner: D7096
Battery: Concorde RG-35AXC-12VDC @ 33AhAlternator: InterAv 50ALanding Lights: PAR36 Halogen
Strobe Lights: Hoskins Novastar Wingtip and Whelen top and bottom strobesStarter: SkyTec
Landing Gear mirror on left wing tip.
Bendix/King KMA24 Audio Panel/Marker
Sigtronics SPA400 Intercom 4-Place
Garmin GA56 GPS Antenna
Bendix/King KNI520 GPS/ILS Indicator
Michels/TKM MX170B Com/Nav
Bendix/King KNI520 ILS Indicator
Bendix/King KN77 VOR/LOC Converter
Bendix/King KN73 Glide Slope Receiver
Bendix/King KR87 ADF Receiver
Bendix/King KA44B ADF Loop/Sense Antenna
Bendix/King KI227-01 Sync ADF Indicator
Garmin GTX335 w/GPS Transponder ADS-B Out
Garmin GA35 WAAS/GPS Antenna
ACK A30.9 Dual RS232 Altitude Encoder
Bendix/King KN65 DME Transceiver
Bendix/King KI266 Digital DME Indicator
S-TEC 65 Autopilot with Auto trim
S-TEC ST645 Annunciator Panel
S-TEC ST360 Altitude Pre-Select
Castleberry Electric Backup Horizon
JPI Classic Scanner 6-Probe EGT/CHT
Piper Carb Temp Gage w/ Single CHT
Shadin Digiflo-L Fuel Flow w/GPS Interface
STRATUS 2 Dual Band ADS-B Receiver
Comant CI121 Com Antenna
Comant CI122 Com Antenna
Comant CI1125 Dual VOR/GS Nav Splitter
Davtron M811B Clock
Narco ELT10 ELT
Annual Due: March 2020
IFR Xpdr/Static Check Due: March 2021
ELT Battery Due: Feb 2021
Pictures: The digits in the digital displays work correctly, my camera was set too fast and it only caught the digits that were on in that split second. Current date: 2019-04-21