1964 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY : 172E Skyhawk 1964 Serial Number: 17251805 Registration Number: N8B (4.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1964

Make: CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Model: 172E - Skyhawk Year: 1964 Serial Number: 17251805 Registration Number: N8B (4 inches in size) NOTE: N-number change currently in progress. New n-number will be N8BA (4 inches in size) Airframe Total Time Since New: 1737 hours Airframe Condition: “Mint” / Like NEW! ! Exterior & interior condition is “Extra Fine”. This airplane appears like new. The paint is immaculate. The interior appears as it did in 1964. No hanger rash on the airframe. Repaint Date: 07/26/1996. Painted with DuPont Imron in the colors of white/maroon. No dings or chips are to be found on the aircraft and appearance is like new. The propeller also has a like new appearance with no nicks or dings noted. Although the interior is original, it shows like new. The windshield was replaced in 2005 and the overall appearance of the glass is good. Engine: Lycoming O-360-A1A Logbook Inventory: There are 2 engine logbooks. In 1996, this aircraft underwent an STC conversion changing the engine from a Contenental O-300 (145hp) to a Lycoming O-360 (180hp) and constant speed propeller. Logbook #1 begins on 08/05/1976 on a factory overhaul and ends 04/01/2008. This engine was overhauled by Ly-Con of New Hudson, MI in 1995 to factory tolerances. With 500.1 hours on the engine prior to overhaul, a new tachometer was installed at zero time and now reads 366 hours. At 60.6 hours, in 1999, 4 new cylinders were installed.Logbook #2 begins on 04/06/2009 and is the current logbook for this engine. The last entry was made on 04/02/2018 for the annual inspection and the compression readings are: #1 74/80, #2 76/80, #3 75/80 and #4 75/80. Engine Serial No.: L-22191-36A Time Since Major Overhaul: 366 Propeller Type: Hartzell Constant Speed 2-blade Engine Overhauled By: Ly-Con Serial No.: H57555 Model: F7666A Current Damage: None Historical Damage: None Modification: Horton STOL Kit. 12/19/1987 Modification: Javelin Aux Fuel Tank. 09/25/1998 Modification: Flint Aero Aux Fuel Tanks. 07/26/1996 Modification: 180 HP Conversion Avcon Industries STC SA 807CE. 12/13/2006 Modification: Rosen Sun Visor. STC SA 014368E. 05/30/2001 Modification: BAS Shoulder Harness. STC SA 2067NW. 07/26/1996 Modification: Maple Leaf Exhaust Fairing. 01/01/1967 Modification: Whelan Strobe Light. 02/02/1992 Modification: Precise Flight Stby Vacuum System III. 07/26/1996 Modification: Alcor 4 cyl EGT. 12/13/2006 Modification: Vertical Card Compass IFR Equipped: Yes ADF Mfg: NARCO ADF 141 AUTOPILOTS Mfg: S-TECSYSTEM 50 DME: NARCO DME 890 GPS: GARMIN GPS 155XL NAV-COMM: BENDIX/KING/ALLIED SIGNAL KX 155 STRIKEFINDER: INSIGHT TRANSPONDERS: NARCO AT 165 VOR/LOC/GS: BENDIX/KING/ALLIED SIGNAL KI 208 Other Equipment: Carburetor Ice Dectector, 2 place interphone system, ACK E-01 ELT, Wheel Fairings, Traffic Scope, RST Audio Selector Panel, Aircraft Cover, Factory Rear View Mirror Total Fuel Capacity: 78 Gallons (five fuel tanks: two inboard wing main tanks, two outboard wing aux tanks, one fuselage aux tank located in baggage compartment). Weight & Balance: empty weight of the aircraft is 1521.93 pounds, and center of gravity of 37.54. The useful load is 773.71 with a moment of 57138.94. Current location: Central Florida Contact: Sean Reynolds (305) 394-1740 Sean@FlyReynolds.com Photos: Can be seen at FlyReynolds.com This aircraft is available for: $89,000
Located in Groveland, Florida, United States.
Current date: 2019-03-03