1964 Cessna Here is your chance to steal a very nice Cessna 172 with NO RESERVE auction. Plane was.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1964
Make: Cessna

Here is your chance to steal a very nice Cessna 172 with NO RESERVE auction. Plane was tied down when a strong thunderstorm blew through, leaving the horizontal surfaces subject to the hail. Additionally, the one control rod for the right wing broken. The insurance company paid the owner and I bought the plane from the insurance company. There is no damage to the aileron, just the control rod which is cheap ($50 on Ebay) and easy to fix. The seats, door panels and headliner are in very nice condition. The carpet is old and stained but also cheap and easy to fix.
AIRFRAME : 5504.4 hours since new. Other than being dirty, the airframe is in remarkably good condition. In a dry climate like Colorado, corrosion is virtually non-existent. The paint on the fuselage and wings will clean up well. The glass is in better than average condition. The paint is peeling on the horizontal stabilizer, landing light lense is broken and the one aileron control rod will need to be replaced but at this price, you can"t be too picky. The annual has expired but plane was flying before the storm damaged it.
ENGINE: 2529.4 SMOH Continental O-300 six cylinder engine with some very nice modifications such as a seal kit to repair oil leaks, a spin on oil filter which improves longevity immensely and an alternator to replace the old generator system. Additionally, it has the STC to run auto fuel so you can save as much as $2/gallon running non-ethanol fuel from the local gas station.
AVIONICS: Avionics include a very nice ICOM A200 digital flip/flop radio, 4 place intercom, KNS-80 VOR/LOC/DME/RNAV/GS, KT-76A transponder and dock for a Garmin 396/496 GPS. There is a really nice oil temperature and pressure LED gauge to take the place of the two which are placarded INOP. I"m not sure what model radio is missing but with the tray installed, it"s an easy slide-in replacement.
This is going to make someone a very nice training aircraft or cheap way to build flight time. 172"s are always incredibly easy to sell and get your money back (or make a little) when you are ready to upgrade. Don"t worry about the hail dings as you can"t see the top of the wing anyway and planes fly better with the golf ball dimples on them. Contrary to what some people believe, you will have no trouble getting insurance for a plane that was written off by the insurance company. Every plane I own right now came from an insurance company and all are insured for full coverage. With the auto fuel STC you can use non-ethanol auto fuel that is $3/gallon instead of $5/gallon avgas. With a fuel burn of around 8 gallons per hour, you can fly on less than $25/hour. The minimal repairs needed are both cheap and easy. I have all logbooks since new, the POH and manuals for installed avionics. Plane is located at KCOS in Colorado Springs Colorado. Buyer is responsible for all transportation, inspections, etc. I do not live anywhere near the aircraft so I will be unable to assist. A $1000 non-refundable deposit is due through PayPal within 48 hours, full payment in 7 days. As soon as payment is received, I will send all logbooks and keys to the address you desire. If you pay the full payment due by bank wire within the first 48 hours, I will offer a $300 discount of the purchase price. That should help with your fuel expense for the flight home.
Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.
Current date: 2018-08-25