“Great condition with 180 hp and constant speed prop.” 1965 Piper I have a 1965 Piper Cherokee 140.

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Model Year: 1965 Make: Piper

I have a 1965 Piper Cherokee 140 with a 180hp good condition A/C is located in Anderson SC. I have sold my house in SC. and moved back to AL. A/C is (out of annual) had elder parent issues and just could not find time to fly. Let my annual expire and has not flown in little over 3 years. Have all log books but in storage, if anyone is interested I will dig them out and give you exact A/C TT and engine TT. If no interest I am going to get a ferry permit fly it to my new home in Alabama and get the annual done. I have cranked the engine every 3 or 4 months. Engine and prop has less than 1300 TTSN The A/C has more I want to say around A/CTT 4000 but can not remember for sure. I know the prop was the one that did not have the ADs on. AGAIN if interested I will put my hands on the log books and give you exact details. What I"m asking for the A/C is to reduce my to do list ! This is a great deal for someone interested in time builder. I use to fly it back and forth to New Iberia LA. to my work sometimes.The 180HP makes the 140 a really great performer. It will get up and go. Feel free to contact me at 334-432-3135 A/C is for sale as is where is. I can assist in preparing for ferry permit . If you want more I am open to negotiate. contact me and I will arrange to meet you for inspection. AGAIN if interested Please Call and I will give you more details but since moved most everything still boxed up. Not interested in giving it away but would make someone a great deal.
Current date: 2019-04-18