1966 Cessna 1966 Cessna 150 F model$30,000 oboThis Cessna is truly wonderful. Low total time and.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1966
Make: Cessna
1966 Cessna 150 - F model
$30,000 oboThis Cessna is truly wonderful. Low total time and fresh top overhaul. Has all IFR equipment installed. Excellent plane to build time towards commercial/IFR/instructor certificates, training plane, or fun commuter! This 150 is listed for a bit higher than the average 150 because it"s in excellent condition, has a fresh top overhaul that will last another 10+ years, is ready to be IFR certified, and I have put over $20,000 in parts alone (not including labor) into it over the past 18 months. I personally (and meticulously) did the overhaul break in and ensured the rings were properly seated - this plane does not burn much oil because the break in was done with great care! Oil has been changed regularly, plane has been flown regularly, I have kept it hangered whenever the weather was bad. The ONLY reason I am parting with it is because I recently upgraded to a 4-seater and my wife said I am not allowed to keep two planes...-In annual (next annual due April-2019) (NO corrosion found during annual)
-ALL AD"s done
-I have had all the upgrades/engine work done by the same shop and have the records/invoices/log entries
-100 hours since top overhaul (STOH) - 5918 on the Hobbs meter
-Pitostatic test done by Pacific Coast Avionics in 2017
-Each wing has a 13-gallon fuel tank (26 total, 22.5 usable)
-Continental 0-200, 4 cylinder**Equipment and upgrades include**
[when I say "new" - I mean, it was purchased new and installed w/in the last 18 months, or less]
-Electric flaps (40 degrees)
-although it has the small spinner installed right now, I have the full size spinner and it is included
-although it has no wheel pants installed, I have all three wheel pants and they are included
-new battery
-new alternator conversion (replaced the original generator which sucked)
-new push-button starter conversion done (including new, lighter, starter motor)
-new 4-point dual-harness seat belts/should harnesses (both sides, all new - including the lap belts)
-interior is in good shape
-exterior needs clear-coat work (the paint is ok, but needs clear coat attention in some areas)
-new Hoerner style wingtips (increased climb & cruise speed, decreased stall speed)
-ALL exterior LED lighting (landing, taxi, beacon, nav and rear anti-collision)
-ALL new tires - NO bald spots (I land gingerly and never lock up my brakes - these tires are still like new!)
-propeller is stock and has not been shortened - no nicks
-both brake calipers were serviced/cleaned and new brake pads were installed less than 18 months ago
-ELT battery is still good
-new high-flow K&N air filter installed (increased airflow and horsepower) - cleanable
-NO cracks in the windshield
-pitot heat works great
-along with the top overhaul, I installed all new fine-wire spark plugs ($80 each!)
-plugs have NEVER fouled during taxi (and I don"t need to lean out for taxi like with a Lycoming)
-Airwolf oil chiller installed on oil filter (makes a big difference on hot days)
-both new vented gas caps (I"ve never had water in my fuel or strainer when doing pre-flight)
-fire extinguisher installed right in front of pilot"s seat
-includes custom knee board and checklist set (see pictures)
-KX-155 Nav/Comm radio (hooked up to Bendex/King localizer & glideslope)
-Garmin GNC 300 XL IFR GPS with built in Nav/Comm (hooked up to the localizer & glideslope) (database is current and up to date!)
-new annunciator allows you to use either the Bendix Nav/Comm or the Garmin GPS with the localizer/glideslope
-new intercom with volume and squelch control (plug ins for both pilot and co-pilot)
-audio panel with marker beacons
-Garmin 327 transponder (this transponder supports an add-on ADS-B unit that you can purchase)
-new split-master switch (alternator can be cycled independently of master power)
-new avionics master switch
-ALL new light switches installed, and new pitot heat switch installed
-ALL glass fuses replaced with new circuit breakers
-cigarette lighter (power outlet) works perfectly (I plug in a dual-port USB charger)
-cabin heat works great
-fuel gauges work great (but like your CFI told you, don"t trust them)
-ALL gauges and equipment work (nothing is INOP)
-like new Bendix/King localizer with glideslope (works great)
-like new turn coordinator (replaced the stock vacuum one with this electric one)
-new altimeter installed and tested fall of 2017 by Pacific Coast Avionics
-new air speed indicator (replaced the sock MPH indicator with this one in Knots - custom marked for the 150)
-new EGT / OAT / CHT gauge installed less than 12 months (I always run 100 degrees ROP because I like my valves to last 10+ years)
-OAT gauge (analog) installed on co-pilot vent
-includes tow bar and lightweight step-ladder for checking fuel level
-includes fuel testing cup and usable fuel dip stick
-includes service manual and parts catalog (I can give them to you in PDF if you desire)
-overhead red light works great for illuminating the panel during night flights
-8" tablet mount (RAM mount) installed onto pilot"s sun visor for using Garmin Pilot or Foreflight
-new PTT (push to talk) microphone switches installed less than 12 months ago (both yolks)Please let me know if you have questions or want additional pictures.This plane has NOT sat around - planes should be flown at least weekly. This plane is still flown semi-regularly to keep the engine in prime-healthy condition.If you would like to speak to the shop that has done all the work on this plane, I can put you in contact with them. They have insisted on only using STC"d / PMA"d / Certified Aircraft parts for all work done - and I have the logs/invoices for all the work done.
Current date: 2018-09-16