“Project aircraft selling with additional airframe for parts swap” 1967 Arizona Air Salvage Store.

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Model Year: 1967

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Aircraft project rebuilder
1967 Aero Commander 100 Darter Plane Project
S/N 144

2684.74 hours total time!!
20 gallons capacity per wing
Power Plant Lycoming O-320-A2B 150 H.P. S/N L-17312-27A
678.74 hrs SMOH
Last Compression Recorded: 76,78,68,78/80

Prop 678.74 SPOH

Avionics: Narco MK12D Nav Com Narco Mark 12 Nav Com Narco ADF 141 King KT76 Transponder

Complete airframe with engine, prop, interior, panel avionics, instruments, wheel pants, wings and tail controls. Could be easy repair for that rebuild enthusiast. Very similar design to early Cessna"s.
Aircraft data sheet
Fuel capacity main tanks 44 gl. total usable 40 gl. Airspeeds Maneuvering Va 111 MPH Max cruising. Vno 135 MPH Never exceed Vne 170 MPH Flap extend Vfe 105 MPH Best rate of climb Vy 75 MPH Best angle climb Vx 72 MPH Normal climb speed 75-85 MPH Glide speed 75 MPH Stall speed Vso 55 MPH Stall speed Vsi 59 MPH

Aircraft did sustain prop strike from taxing . The fuselage and firewall appear straight, no damage noted. The nose section needs inspection or repair, prop needed possible engine mount or nose gear trunnion. We are including another 67" Darter 100 airframe with nose gear, engine mount, cowlings and wings as seen for parts if needed to complete this project. You can use both airframes to complete one and have plenty of parts.
We welcome you to our facility to view and inspect both airframes. We can upon request send log entries and more pictures.

Aircraft project is disassembled and located in Phoenix AZ. Being sold with BOS, airframe and engine logs. Extra airframe is sold with no logs. Any questions feel free to ask, I can help load aircraft"s for minimal cost. Free storage up to 30 days after close of sale. This is a damaged aircraft project, no warranties given, expressed, or implied. Buyer to repair and determine airworthiness for themselves.

Current date: 2020-03-25