Beagle 206B 1967 1967 Beagle 206B Series 2 aircraft , BIG TWIN small airliner is what it is, stair.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Beagle 206B
Model Year: 1967
1967 Beagle 206B Series-2 aircraft , "BIG TWIN" small airliner is what it is, stair stepper entry & really big on the inside with a view out the cockpit like a Helicopter, 8 Seater with couch, Hartzell 3 Blade Propellers, Polished spinners, Continental GTSIO-520-C7 ENGINES, 340 HP Each, very straight sheet metal & could be restored ,Museum, Static Display, Parts Plane, etc. , there were only 45 of these Series 2 aircraft made for the RAF (Royal Air force) built to airline standards & built like a tank, call 205-363-1767 with any questions, please do not bid if you are not ready to pay at end of auction, this ad costs money & I do not want to run this ad again, I can deliver this aircraft for a fee, or put it on your trailer for a fee, or buyer just come & do it all himself, this is not you regular twin , makes a Baron look like a Toy airplane, no reserve, no logs, current registry with faa, I know a little History on this airplane, of how it got over here & who did the importing, also I have talked to people who seem to know everything about it & also flew it, I do not know engine times, S.M.O.H on anything & nothing is current on it but the registration, I consider this a project airplane & started the bidding less than Junk price of Aluminum across the scales, I am not going to speculate on times etc. SOLD AS-IS with No Reserve. Heres the deal now starting bid of 99 cents, with no reserve last bidder owns it, going , going , gone !!!
Current date: 2017-05-06