Cessna 1967 1967 P206 Project Plane This project plane was bought from the widow of an aircraft.

Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Model Year: 1967

1967 P206 Project Plane This project plane was bought from the widow of an aircraft salvage business in Texas. We have owned it for several years. The plane was not wrecked but looked like it had been stripped and vandalized, Skins and some stringers on the aft fuselage were damaged. We hired two part time Evergreen metal workers and bought all new Cessna parts and did the repairs. While we were at it the horizontal tail and vertical fin attachment structure with the AD was replaced with the Cessna supplied parts, ($2000.00 several years ago).
Included in the sale is a 210 fuselage and engine (engine log book photos attached) that landed gear up with a prop strike for parts. The engine is not turbo-charged and we were planning to build the airplane normally aspirated and blocking off the hole in the cowling. The crankshaft was said to have been dialed and was guaranteed to be within specs.The company we bought it from was in Boise, Idaho and I"m sure they would no longer honor that guarantee since its been years ago. We have a prop that goes with it but we don"t know the condition or its applicability to this aircraft. The horizontal tail, elevators, vertical fin and rudder were all purchased from parts suppliers and are nice. It is a good project and with lots of TLC could be put back in the air. It has a data plate No logbooks on the airframe.This is a P206 which has the passenger side door and not the cargo door. We are selling everything as is.
Located in Tucson, Arizona, United States.
Current date: 2021-01-04