1969 Champion Citabria Let me introduce you to N39DB, a 1969 Champion 7GCBC Citabria. N39DB.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1969
Make: Champion Citabria
Let me introduce you to N39DB, a 1969 Champion 7GCBC Citabria. N39DB underwent a ground up restoration in 2014, and is now one of the prettiest Citabrias you’ll ever see. Just completed annual 4/2018. The aircraft has been hangared since restoration. Currently at KARB in Ann Arbor Michigan.
Big notes:
• METAL SPARS!!!! (No more pesky spar AD)
1969 Champion 7GCBC Citabria
Serial # 153
Airframe: 4713 TT
Engine: 823 SMOH 123 STOH - Lycoming O-320 A2B
Overhaul 08/1994, Top overhaul by Gibson Aviation 04/2014
High Performance Sky-Tec Starter
Current Compressions: 77, 78, 75, 76
Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 1650lbs
Empty Weight: 1151lbs
Useful Load: 499lbs
Usable Fuel: 35gal
CG: 13.64”
All ADs in compliance.
• Sigtronics SAS-440 Intercom
• RT-359a Mode-C Transponder
• Analog Clock
• Airspeed Indicator
• Sensitive Altimeter
• Turn and Slip Indicator
• Attitude Indicator
• Vacuum Gauge
• Ammeter
• Tachometer
• Directional Gyro
• Oil Pressure Gauge
• Oil Temp Gauge
Restoration Notes:
• Airframe disassembled
• Stripped all fabric and interior
• Stripped fuselage tubing and inspected
• Installed new floor boards
• Replaced wood greenhouse window frame
• Refinished all wood formers
• Replaced all fuselage fuel lines
• Installed new boot cowl and firewall
• Replaced all wire to control panel
• Recovered fuselage, wings, and all control surfaces with Ceconite 102
o Fabric finished in Nitrate/Butyrate dope
o Finished Colors: Juneau White, Tennessee Red, and Polar Gray
• Installed new Airtex Products headliner and firewall cover
• Installed new brake hose assemblies
• Replaced up elevator cable
• Replaced elevator and rudder guide pulleys
• Replaced all hardware in elevator and rudder systems
• Replaced MLG landing gear U-Bolts with blocks and pins
• Installed new MLG thru bolts
• Installed new wing tanks and low point drain valves
• Removed heel brakes and installed toe brakes
• Installed Millman aluminum spars and D-cell leading edges
• Installed hooker harnesses
Annual completed April 2018.
Exterior: 9/10
Interior: 9/10
This is an absolutely beautiful airplane. You have to see it in person to fully appreciate. Fly it home and enjoy today
Current date: 2018-08-04