“Incomplete aircraft No logs or bill of sale” Cessna 1970 1970 Cessna 150K, Serial no. 15071921, FAA.

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Make: Cessna Model Year: 1970
1970 Cessna 150K, Serial no. 15071921, FAA Registration N6241G
I got this airframe from Las Vegas. The previous owner had started to convert it to a taildragger configuration and also to use an automobile engine (a small Chevrolet motor with reduction drive, if I remember correctly). His intent was to put it into the Experimental category, but the local FAA FSDO let him know that wasn"t going to happen.
My intent was to rebuild it and add it to the fleet of Cessna 150s I had, but my plans have changed (great girlfriend who I want to spend time with and career driven travel). You can use as parts or rebuild.
This is an incomplete aircraft. There is no engine, propeller, instruments, or radios. Also missing is the lower engine cowl, engine mount, nose gear, front windshield, rear window, and right elevator.
I"ve had everything, except the fuselage, stored inside a shipping container until this week. Inspection available before auction end.
No logs are available. No FAA bill of sale will be provided. Possible delivery to San Diego, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Phoenix, and places in-between, for additional charge and after full payment has cleared.
Current date: 2021-02-15