1971 Grumman American Aviation 1971 American Aviation AA 1A Trainer. Grumman American AA 1. N9309L.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1971
Make: Grumman American Aviation

1971 American Aviation AA-1A Trainer. Grumman American AA-1. N9309L Serial No: AA1A-0009. Lycoming 0-235-C2C, 108HP. Total Time 2,502. SMOH 792. TBO 1,608. Fresh annual performed July 5, 2019. Includes Engine and Aircraft Logs since new. Extensive airframe work performed at last annual. Replaced ELT battery, Front Gear Strut Boot, Aleron Brgs L&R, Flap Brgs. L&R, Control Horn Brgs L&R, Elevator Brgs L&R, Rudder Brgs, Rudder Springs, Brake Linings, Main Tires and Tubes, Nose Wheel Tire and Tube, Pneumatic Filter, Lubed all Bearings, Packed Wheel Bearings. Removed both wings and resealed fuel tanks with new o-rings. Installed JPI Fuel Scan FS-450.
Recent Airframe work includes the replacement of wheel bearings in 2006, pitch trim servo link arm replaced in 2006, and installation of an LP Aero plastics windshield in 2002.
Engine total time currently is 2,502, tach time 1,502, TSMOH 792, TBO 1,608. Tachometer replaced in 1975 and reads 1,000 hours less than engine total time. Engine major overhauled in 1994 at engine total time 1710.94. Engine has bracket oil filter installed. Compression at last annual was 74/80, 70/80, 70/80, 76/80.
Recent engine work includes replacement of the oil cooler in 2007, cylinders 3 and 4 reworked and all valves resurfaced in 2006.
Includes Bendix King KY97A Flip Flop COMM, Garmin GTX 320A Mode C Transponder, JP Instrument"s Fuel Flow Meter Fuel Scan 450, Apollo II II Morrow 611 LORAN C Receiver, and Soft Comm 2 Place Intercom.
Included along with the standard VFR instrumentation are attitude indicator, vertical compass card, and vertical speed indicator.
Included with the aircraft are the Engine Logs, Aircraft Logs, Propeller Log, Owner"s Manual, Service Manual and Parts Catalog!, Fuel Scan FS-450 Pilot"s Guide, and much, much more reading material.
A fast economic plane with plenty of life. Lycoming"s recommended time between overhaul period for the 235-C2C is 2400 hours, giving this powerplant an approximate recommended TBO of 1,608 hours more. A great time builder or fast transportation. 22 gallon fuel capacity, burns approx. 6 gallons per hour at 75% power, at approx. 125 mph. Manual lists optimal range at 10,000" of 500 miles in 4.5 hours at 4.9 gph, at 111 mph. Runs on 100LL, although a supplemental type certificate is available through EAA Aviation Foundation to modify the aircraft to fly on 87 unleaded automotive gasoline, STC No. SA868GL.
This aircraft has been relisted due to an error in the original listing. I took this plane on trade so have only had it for a short time. The last pages of the engine log book had the engine total time and time since major overhall confused with the tach time. The tachometer had been replaced early in the aircraft"s life and reads 1,000 hours less than the aircraft total time, causing some confusion. The engine was major overhauled in 1994 and logged in the first log book. Beginning in the second log book engine total time had begun to be recorded as the same as the indicated tach time, causing the mistake. Now the log book has been corrected to show the correct time since major overhaul.
I would love to keep the aircraft, but I already have one and two planes cannot be flown at the same time by one pilot.
Some questions were asked me when the plane was originally listed. Here is a summary of what I had replied.
The aircraft has a fresh annual, there are no known issues. There is no known accident history, either. Everything works as it should. The front glass is not new. There are two short cracks that have been stop drilled in the front glass. Also, in my opinion, I think the seats should be recovered. It would be an easy improvement. As far as I know the canopy does not leak, at least we haven"t noticed. You can fly the AA-1A with the canopy partially open, which is a great feeling. I am fairly certain the prop is standard. The propeller is a McCauley, prop series 52314. It may be a cruise but I doubt it, the RPM"s are up where they should be for a standard prop, and I don"t believe a climb prop was available from McCauley. From what I can find in the logs, I can"t rule out what it is, but I believe it is a standard prop.
Aircraft is being sold as is with NO RESERVE. Aircraft is stored at Kauer Private 3SD2 and will be available for pick up at 3SD2 or Rapid City Regional KRAP, near Rapid City, SD, whichever the buyer wishes. Aircraft is also being sold locally so we do reserve the right to end the auction early. A deposit of $1,000 will be due within 48 hours of close of sale. Thank you, and good luck bidding
Located in Box Elder, South Dakota, United States.
Current date: 2019-07-26