1973 Beechcraft 1973 Beech Baron E552700TTAFIO 520C7B Engines 1100 Since Factory Overhauled.

Item specifics
Model Year: 1973 Make: Beechcraft
1973 Beech Baron E552700TTAFIO-520C7B Engines 1100 Since Factory Overhauled (1996)1700TBO Engines 285HP
Heavy Duty Phase 3 Cases (7th stud) VAR cranks
Hartzell 3 Blade Prop STC (1100 SNEW)
Wing Bolts Done 50 hours ago.
No Damage History.No Corrosion
Quite a interesting airplane with a lot of potential and a low time airframe. I purchased this airplane from a older gentleman for a song because well...he lost the logbooks...zero logs...none...(but wait...I was able to recover most of the logs (copies) and (copies) of the last 10 annuals and all the receipts. and he left it parked outside and someone "borrowed his HSI, Garmin 430W SL30 and HSI and GI106"...they were kind enough to leave all the connectors in place and not cut any wires...excellent altitude hold autopilot ready to rock and roll. This birds last annual inspection was in 2015....been flying a bit since...but since the radios got swiped...its been parked.
Interior is all brand new custom sandalwood leather, including carpets...the old interior was removed...and the A/P installing the interior passed away...only he knows where the logbooks went...I have all the FAA 337"s and AD compliance list...all logs since engines were new, since props were new...last 20 years on the airframe...never any damage history. The wing bolts were done 50 hours ago! Very Expensive....
Ready to Ferry! Going to ferry to KDPA this weekend and install the interior and carpet and side panels...
I have a clean and clear Aerospace Report, will come with a 8050 FAA Bill of Sale...what logs I do have...
Heres what you"ll have to do...buy a 430W ($6,000) or the hell with it and drop in one of those slide in new 440 Avidynes and a SL30 ($2000) a GI-106 ($1,500) a HSI ($1,500) and a ADS-B transponder of your choice...no wiring needs to be done...its all right there! Thats half the cost! Sure, you"ll have to install the interior...but big deal...$19,000 was spent on the interior, I have EVERYTHING!
At this price what you see is what you get...I can assist with AD Compliance, Ferry Permit...ferrying anywhere in the US...no problem.
I can negotiate having the interior installed for you...I can throw in the radios and indicators for you...no problem...you buy em!
Either way....at the end of the day...you"ll have $75,000 said and done in a capable 200kt hotrod with nice paint, a new interior...and a excellent IFR panel! ADS-B and a fresh annual....worth double that...
Excellent way to buy a plane at fifty cents on the dollar...I just was able to get the logs...(the important ones) and was going to use this plane...but...life is what it is!
630-273-7595...I dont expect this auction to last a day at this price.
Current date: 2019-06-04