1973 Cessna Mechanically solid moving to different plane1973 C 414 TT:aprox 5700 FIKI full de ice.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1973
Make: Cessna
Mechanically solid moving to different plane
1973 C-414 TT:aprox 5700 FIKI full de-ice boots and hot prop/alcohol windshield New Interior plastic Garmin 530 King t-spond King Kx155 nav/com King audio panel Cessna 400 a/p Radar inop Full pilot and copilot instruments L/H TSIO-520-j will probably be around 1000SMOH. All compressions in upper 70’s R/H is a -E not the -J it will be about 350SMOH. #6 cylinder was recently sent out for overhaul secondary to a broken exhaust stud. The stud broke off when dropping the exhaust to replace the left intercooler to intake duct. We have recently also sent out the entire fuel control system on R due to leaks. Additionally, the R prop governor has been overhauled. Overhauled turbo and wastegate on the right engine. As well as overhauled mags on that side. All cylinders are upper 70’s on right as well.Left prop is a model 3AF32C93-N 614 smoh. R is same and same time however the right log was missing when a/c was purchased, both are in good shape with no issues. We have also just recently overhauled the landing gear squat switch. We have recently replaced the left aux fuel cell due to leak. Overhauled left fuel quantity conditioner. It has full logs with the exception of the right prop.
Current date: 2019-09-20