Piper 1973 1973 Piper PA 28 1800 360 A4APiper Challenger (Archer) 1973 was the first year of the.

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Make: Piper Model Year: 1973
1973 Piper PA-28-1800-360-A4APiper Challenger (Archer)
1973 was the first year of the Piper Archer, with the 5" extended fuselage...the same as a 74 Archer but...they just changed the name in 1973 for one year only.
Now that that is out of the way...a bit about the plane. I bought this plane...well...because it was a really good deal...I had my son knock out his Instrument and Commercial in it...and now we don"t need it.
I picked this up from a farmer in Iowa who owned this plane for about 20 years...and before that it was at my home field in Illinois since new.... in the past 5 years...didnt fly it much. I was concerned about cam corrosion so we had a jug pulled and everything looked perfect. We boroscroped the cylinders as well...this plane will run another 1000 hours before you have to worry about the motor...it was overhauled in 1985, by a shop here at KDPA that I never heard of, and then Pen Yan Aero split the case about 10 years ago for a cam replacement...all new bearings and such were installed at that time. The total time on the engine is 5800, 1900 SMOH but only 200 hours since cam and bearings and such. Mags are Bendix and mags and leads and plugs were new at the 2018 annual. As well as tires and brakes. Plane uses a quart of oil about every 15 hours....which in my experience is excellent. Compressions at the last annual (last month) were 74-77-78-72/80
The logs are complete and consecutive...and this airplane was kept current every single year. There is no damage history.
This plane is virtually corrosion free. I don"t think it was ever outside a day in its life. This airframe has no repairs, stop drills, etc....very nice airframe.
The prop is a Sensitech...I believe its about 1000 since overhaul...but I"d have to look.
The plane just had its annual inspection, eddy current spar test and all that good stuff...this plane was not a trainer...no passenger brakes.
It is a Air Conditioning plane, but the components were removed a few years ago (why? stupidity maybe?) I have all the parts and it appears from the logs it worked until at least 2017...
The paint is very nice and was done about 10 years ago and maybe 200 hours? Shows great! I"d rate it a 8+
The interior is a reddish velour airtex interior installed 25 years ago...looks like a very low mileage Chrysler minivan from the early 90"s...its clean, no rips...its just dated.
The avionics are pretty good in this plane, and part of the reason I bought it. It has a Garmin GNS 430 waas, with a current database GI-106 localizer/glideslope. It has a KX177 Com 2...ADF...everything works...EVERYTHING!
The autopilot is the standard Century II wing leveler...BUT!!!!! it has a PSS 60 altitude hold, preselect, Glideslope coupling...and it has GPSS steering.
So you turn on the Century 2 and the PSS 60....airplane will fly the GPS...or a localizer...VOR...whatever....also the PSS 60 altitude hold and preselect will do whatever you want.
Autopilot works great... plane is very well rigged and flies "hands off" without the autopilot...yep its got electric trim too! and it works.
ADS-B is a snap because of the WAAS GPS...or throw a sky beacon on it.
Great flying plane...very strong O-360-A4A motor...makes no metal...
Plane flies book speeds and really needs nothing...
I am a terrible salesmen...I own bigger airplanes FA/10...Hawker 800XP...and I"ve been in aviation my whole life.
I priced this plane for what it is...a nice Archer with nice paint, a nice autopilot...a good WAAS GPS and no issues.
But I also understand it has 1900 hours SMOH...with a 2000 hr tbo...it also has a newer cam...bearings, etc...runs great...makes no metal, perfect oil pressures and temps...it"ll live a long time...so it"s one of those things. I have to price it accordingly.
Remember, a WAAS GPS and a altitude hold will run you $20,000...this nice paint will run another $10,000...
So....fly it another 500-1000 hours then overhaul it...but know you saved money on the front end.
I am going to SELL this plane.
I haven"t owned it that long, so I have a recent title search, a FAA CD, and all that good stuff, and information from the prebuy that I had done.
I"m not a bank...if you don"t have money don"t call...I don"t need the drama of dealing with your finance company on a low dollar sale like this...
I"m absolutely happy to ferry this plane ANYWHERE in the lower 48 States for fuel, and a plane ticket home...plane needs to be paid for before it goes anywhere.
This won"t last...it won"t fit in the hangar with my Hawker...and the Hawker is coming back from service in 10 days...so give me a a call...lets talk about it! (630) 273-7595
Airplane is for sale locally and auction will be ended in the event of a local sale!
Also I own this plane outright, there are no liens, encumbrances, etc. on the plane.
Current date: 2019-09-21