Notes: “ impeccable! ” 1973 Piper 1973 Piper Challenger (Archer) (They were called Challengers in.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ impeccable! ”
Model Year: 1973 Make: Piper

1973 Piper Challenger (Archer) (They were called Challengers in 1973, Archers in 1974 with absolutely no change in anything) 1200TTAF (Yes, I"m Serious) 100% original paint and interior Paint rated a 8.5. .damned nice original paint. Interior rated a 10.0 Looks New!
Absolutely No Damage History and excellent maintenance history. Sure it only has 1200 Hours TT but always in annual and flown.
1 Family Owned Since New 180HP
No Damage History TTAF:1230 Lycoming O-360 : 1230 Since New!
(Do you realize every overhaul you are flying on has 10,000-15,000 hours on the crankshafts and cases?)
This airplane just went through a very extensive annual inspection where fuel tanks were removed, spar inspected, eddy current test done. All Service Bulletins and AD"s are complied with.
This Archer is highly desirable because of the pending wing spar AD that IS coming. (5,000TT or a certain amount of 100 hour inspections.) This is a very expensive recurring AD that will greatly diminish the value of "Normal Time" PA-28 airplanes.
This plane will NEVER need this inspection in our lifetimes. This plane has never been a trainer, has had 0 100 hour inspections, ad is 3800 hours away from needing any type of AD complied with.
This airplane has ZERO corrosion, always in a heated hangar, always had dehydrator plugs when not being used for more than 2 weeks, and always brought up to temperature before being flown.
Before I purchased this bird, I had a very extensive prebuy done, and have put 100 hours on it since then. The plane has always had oil analysis done, and the results are excellent. Everything works perfectly on this plane, every gasket and seal has been replaced in the engine. .it is worry free without the fear of engine infant mortality. Additionally, I had the cam inspected twice, once by pulling a cylinder and looking for ANY type of internal rust or corrosion, the engine looks NEW inside. More recently I had the cam and all followers inspected via a 5.5mm boroscope through the oil pan (yes, I didn"t know you could do that either). Engine does not leak! Hangar is not where it is typically stored.
The plane flies hands off, Century II Autopilot flies a localizer, VOR or the heading bug like new. It"s dead on, it isn"t a altitude hold autopilot, but. .the plane trims so well, you"d never need it.
You don"t realize how these planes should fly when you buy or rent them. They are all bent in some way. .they"ve all been landed hard at one point. .not this airplane. This thing flies better than ANY PA-28 I have ever flown.
The seats look new, the plastics look new, the carpets look new. .just the control movements are so sharp and precise. .you"d be amazed.
The plane flies 150mph all day at 2400 RPM. .right at the bottom of the yellow arc.
Brakes are new, tires are new, all engine hoses are new.
The prop only has 200hrs since new.
Would you want a 5000 hour plane with fresh paint and leather seats, or a impeccable low hour ORIGINAL plane. I"d take the original any day of the week. .twice on Sunday!
If the plane has any shortfalls. .it is the avionics. It is fully IFR Certified, but it is really deserving of a Garmin 650 and a 345 for ADS-B. .if I do not get what this plane is WORTH. .thats what I"ll do.
I just had the plane 2 stage buffed and ceramic coated. It looks amazing.
If you want the "best" Archer available. .this is it.
Time may go up as I"ve flown it 12 hours in the past 3 days. .
Annual Due 4/2020 (Compressions all 72/80 or better) Uses NO oil! IFR Due 5/20 Complete and concise logbooks!
My # is 630 273-7595.
This is not a "budget" Archer. .this is the nicest original low time Archer on the planet.
VIDEO NOT VIEWABLE FROM A CELL PHONE. . (Yes, I know I mistook the fuel pump for the beacon) Archer - YouTube Video will open in a new window
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