Cessna 1974 Relisting due to a dead buyer on previous auction .Beautiful 1974 Cessna 421B Available..

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Model Year: 1974
Relisting due to a dead buyer on previous auction....
Beautiful 1974 Cessna 421B Available. I personally flew this plane 170 hrs in 2017 and 2018 and it was a joy. 5136 TT LE 1042.4 SMOH RE 865.4 SMOH. Left and Right Prop 175.3, replaced new in 2013. RAM upgrades. Vortex Generators. Electric air conditioning. Left locker fuel tank installed. Garmin 480 GPS Cessna 400 AP. Right engine left Mag overhauled 2018, right engine right manifold replaced 2017, left alternator replaced 2018, right mixture control replaced 2018, rudder trim actuator replaced 2017 ($$), right landing strut rebuilt 2018. Engines are strong, compressions are excellent. Hot props, alcohol windshield, deice boots. Have all logs. Owner says SELL IT and he really wants to move it. Aircraft is half way through annual. Located in Pontiac MI. I can provide all the items remaining on the annual and the estimated completion cost on request, please send your request with an email address. Logs as well... Have price of $1800 to put the plane to ferriable status and have your mechanic finish if wanted. Please contact with any questions.
Current date: 2020-02-13