5396TT 1619 SMHO New 3 Brade prop in Feb 2012 only 172 hrs. Last annual was in Nov 30th, 2011..

Condition: Used

5396TT 1619 SMHO New 3 Brade prop in Feb 2012 only 172 hrs. Last annual was in Nov 30th, 2011. Professionaly and regularly flown since 1995. Last flown August 2012. Not airworthy. 68gal usable. 135kts True Air Speed (22inch 2400rpm 8.5/gal) 850nm+range. Always run at 55% during cruise.
Engine was running perfectly when I stopped flying in 2012. Burning about 1 qt every 10 hours of flight. Since then, the engine has been stored with semi synthetic oil and preservative in it. Started running engine again from summer 2013 on the ground and having wet spark plug in #2 and #4 cylinder, running rough because of that. The engine ran every 30 days until winter 2016. I"m not sure what is causing the plugs to get wet. Maybe because of preservative? Last compression check Nov 30th, 2011 #1 70 #2 78 #3 75 #4 78 Other needed repairs are nose strut and landing gear actuator needs new O rings. And needs number 2 VOR indicator and a new battery.
Other than that it was well maintained Commander and it was flow regularly mostly cross country. Never trainer. Extensive annual in 2002. Engine was overhauled in 2002 by Perfomance Aero Engine in California. New front windshield in 2002.
Copper wiring for starter, Slick mag booster, Oil/air separator, Remote oil filter, GAMI fuel injector, Light weight starter and alternator, 114B NACA dorsal fin, 114B Enclosed beacon. Bracket air filter. Zeftronics voltage/over voltage regulator Flap Gap Seal 114B Fairing for elevator trim pushlod bruce"s custom cover. canopy cover, belly strap type. Engine inlet plug Tow bar
Original paint and interior. Based in California between 1995 and 2003 2003 to current, always hangared in WA State.
Davtron M655 presure, density altitude, outside air temp, Voltage. Davtron M877 Chronometer. Insight Graphic Engine Monitor GEM-602 KMA 20 Audio panel KT78 Transponder King KX155 Nav/Com King KI206 VOR/Loc/Glideslope
King KX170B Nav/Com King KI201C VOR /Loc KN64 DME with remote switch 4 Place intercom Nulite Instrument Light
No damage history Complete log books since new. All one time ADs are done, including one time elevator spar inspection.
Hangar is available for month to month until repair is done. Month to month hangar rental must start within 2 weeks of wining bid. After the repair, I m available to deliver the aircraft with new Owner"s expense. I have more than 3000 hours in Commander 112A
For more information or questions, please email before bidding
Serious Buyer ONLY!
$500 deposit non-refundable required within 24 hours
Located in Auburn, Washington, United States.
Current date: 2018-11-01