1977 Cessna : 182Q For Sale By: Private 1977 Cessna 182Q PROJECT Airplane!1977 182Q with only 1660.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 1977
Make: Cessna Model: 182Q
For Sale By: Private Seller
1977 Cessna 182Q PROJECT Airplane!1977 182Q with only 1660 hours since new per log book entry in 2004. Includes the data plate and trim plate still attached (sn: 18265468), an FAA bill of sale, and the logbooks I have (missing the first logbook). It is reported that at 264 hours it went to Trinidad with a C of A. I have the flight record book from the time it was in Trinidad. It returned to US in 1999 with 1302 hours, then had a windstorm incident while parked in around 2004. Airplane was parked and blew over onto wings, tail, and nose. All of the information given above is taken from existing logbooks, so I am not certifying that the info is factual. It’s been stored both inside and outside since the windstorm incident. A previous owner began paint stripping paint and extensive disassembly. Some of the parts are missing, and other damaged parts have been tossed. Nothing forward of the firewall is included. Included is a tailcone (from rear window aft) purchased from Wentworth. Corrosion is bad around battery box and upper aft cabin top (battery spill?) Surface corrosion on skins, but I think they could be acid etched and primed. (all of the installed clecos are rusted solid). Previous owner began installing the tailcone, then took it back off for storage. Possibly mating skins and some parts missing. Front and rear doorpost bulkheads and front and rear spar carry throughs look undamaged. Entire lower cabin structure looks good. (Top main cabin skin destroyed by amateur removal crew with previous owner). Entire cabin floor, main gearbox, nose gear tunnel (all lower structure) looks undamaged. Includes main gear, wheels and brakes, (axle nuts are not included), nose wheel assembly with axle and spacers. Master cylinders show steel rods corroded, but move freely, may clean up; No avionics. Interior pretty much complete, dirty, but not torn. One door appears straight and one is bent, both included with interior door panels. Includes real factory POH, not the cheap information manual. Seats sold separately
This aircraft is being sold as a project, there are many usable parts either for this project or other Cessna 182"s that have interchangeable parts,
Door frames right and left, landing gear box, seats, ailerons, ribs, seats, many frame components, flight controls and usable parts.
There is also a full sets of books, data plates and records are intact for those who want a project airplane.
The price is very reasonable and buyer must pick it up.
Ask for phone and you may call with questions.
Current date: 2020-03-12