1977 Rallye Socata Morane Saulnier Hi all! You’re looking here at a French 1977 Rallye SOCATA(Morane.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1977
Make: Rallye Socata Morane Saulnier
Hi all! You’re looking here at a French 1977 Rallye SOCATA(Morane-Saulnier) model MS.893E aircraft. The engine is a Lycoming O-360-A3A with 180 GT HP. This plane has been flown ever since it was purchased, and it was then stored in 1998. FLYING IT NO LONGER EVER SINCE, except for an airworthiness inspection that will be posted below that was originally done to take it apart,so real condition is UNKNOWN. The last logbook entrance was on October 5,1998 with a tachometer read of 819.33 and a Hobbs of 1042.40. The plane was no longer used due to unforeseen family circumstances that caused the owners to move abroad and the aircraft/plane was left under the direct supervision of a family friend. The Rallye was kept in a hangar indoors until 2010 when it was taken outdoors and tied down due to high hangar costs. During that period, the aircrafts" exterior and interior was affected due to Arizona’s hot temperatures evident in the provided pictures. In 2010 an airworthiness inspection was performed;the results are posted below (the original email received back in 2010): Thanks for calling today. Here are the three estimates for the Rallye N307RA.
The first one is to get it safe to fly on a ferrypermit. It comes out to $6085.87 as follows:
Replace windshield and side glass $1953
Investigate/repair rudder wind damage $350
Replace battery/clean up corrosion from old battery $325
Remove and replace all three tires and tubes for dry rot/cracking $707.87
Clear insect nests from pitot/static system $210
Install ELT/battery $100
2 year transponder check $100
CW AD 00-22-17 elevator and rudder clevis inspection/lube $280
CW AD 78-09-07 Magneto 500 hour check on both mags $600
CW AD 96-09-10 Oil pump replacement $1000
CW AD 09-22-03 Hartzell prop eddy current inspection $460
The second option we discussed for the plane was to doan annual inspection and service, bringing the airplane up to full airworthiness compliance. That would include the above work plus the $900 flat rate to do the annual inspection checklist and servicing items from theSOCATA maintenance manual. Total $6985.87
Last the price to dissasemble the airplanefor shipping, $1500. This is to remove the wings and tailsurfaces, wrap them for shipping. Drain all fluids, and load/secure the airplane and parts in a truck or container that you provide. The cables would be marked and hardware preserved so as to facilitate easy reassembly atthe destination. I"ve done this job several times.
The current charges due as of today are $300 for theAD search/logbook review and estimates. Please make a checkto Plane Care
  34979 S. Aerial Place
  Marana, AZ 85658
I have the airplane parked and tied down at my shop here at Ryan. Tie down fee is $50 per month beginning Oct 1. There was no fee for September as I was doing the work for the estimates. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. I look forward tohearing from you.
Sincerely, In addition, the maintenance manual, the aircraft logbook, the engine logbook, airworthiness directive compliance reports and flight manual are all included with this plane in addition to the old bills of sale, except for the propeller logbook (that was lost/stolen). This plane owes $1200 of annual FAA registration fees. The reasons for by which this plane is being sold is because nobody in the family is air-inclined/no immediate plans of using it and it would be a relief from hangar fees, there has been no recent upgrades except for old receipts of the upgrades performed back when flying. If you win the bid, a deposit is necessary immediately of $1500 and is NON-REFUNDABLE. The rest of the amount will only be accepted in the forms of a cashier’s check and/or wire transfer 48 hours after the winning bid.This aircraft has no damage history except for the evident damage due to Arizona’s sun on the windshield, upholstery, paint, and tires. Rudder damage/dents were present ever since the plane was purchased(by looking at original pictures). This is an ABSOLUTE AUCTION and thus is being sold as is. Contact me ASAP for any questions (805)826-5515. This plane is rare in the US, infact a limited number of them have ever been produced. I believe it’s the only one located in the Southwest. MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN.
Current date: 2020-02-18