1977 Cessna Note: 4 23 19 I found a few extra parts that might fit: 1) windshield from a 1999 model.

Condition: Used Model Year: 1977
Make: Cessna

Note: 4/23/19 - I found a few extra parts that might fit: 1) windshield from a 1999 model 182S (scratches, but no cracks), 2) A 1999 right front cabin skin, you determine if it will fit; 3) a right upper engine/cabin longeron; 4) a used lower bulkhead to replace the battery acid damage one next to the battery; 5) the NOS left cabin side window skin mentioned below. See added last picture. 1977 182Q with only 1660 hours since new per log book entry in 2004. The data plate is attached (sn: 18265468), FAA bill of sale, and all the airframe logbooks I have go with the sale. I do not have first logbook. At 264 hours it went to Trinidad with a C of A. Then returned to US in 1999 with 1302 hours, then had a windstorm incident while parked in around 2004. It’s been stored since then. I have the flight records from the time it was in Trinidad also. A previous owner began paint stripping and extensive disassembly, and began the replacement of the tailcone from rear window aft with a serviceable tailcone. Some of the parts are missing, and other damaged parts have been tossed. I have a few skins etc. from other jobs that I can add if needed. All of the information give above is taken from existing logbooks. I am not certifying that I know the entries are factual. I was originally going to build it. . but decided someone more gutsy than me would be the one to try. I have not done any work on it, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a very low time, long-range-tanks parts plane. Nothing forward of the firewall is included. Here is what I found is included: Both wings with l ong range tanks (40 gallons each tank). Wings damaged, but looks like fuel tank sections (inboard-to-lift strut attach) are good, and includes good wing struts. Ailerons, flaps, rudder, one elevator, vertical fin, both upper and lower cowling, all no good or missing. Fuselage has a different, undamaged tailcone (from rear window aft) partially installed. Corrosion is bad around battery box and upper aft cabin top (battery spill?); I am including another baggage floor skin and a good aft top skin assembly from a 182S with the sale. Surface corrosion on skins, but I think they could be acid etched and primed. (all of the clecos are rusted solid, however). Front and rear doorpost bulkheads and front and rear spar carry throughs look undamaged. Entire lower cabin structure looks good. Airplane was parked and blew over onto wings, tail, and nose. (Top main cabin skin destroyed by amateur removal crew with previous owner). Entire cabin floor, main gearbox, nose gear tunnel (all lower structure) looks undamaged. Includes undamaged lower nose gear attach fitting, nose wheel assembly with axle and spacers, upper strut barrel and torque links are good and included but no fork and no lower barrel. Also, shimmy damper, steer collar, and upper strut attach are either broken or missing. Master cylinders show steel rods corroded, but move freely, may clean up; has stock wheels and brakes. No avionics. Wiring is in a box, as is. Interior pretty much complete, dirty, but not torn. Left door bent, right door ok except for slight oil can at lower attach. Both doors have interior door panels. Includes real factory POH, not the cheap information manual. I’m including a new 711800-5 left side window skin and a new Cessna 0753104-5 firewall skin, never installed. Recommend picking it up yourself, but I might be able to haul it for around $2 a mile. May The Force Be With You.
Located in Reedley, California, United States.
Current date: 2019-04-24