1979 Hi Folks! Happy Early Spring (OK, Im pushing It!) Up for Bid Buy it Now today is a great, easy.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1979
Hi Folks! Happy Early Spring (OK, Im pushing It!)!!! Up for Bid/"Buy it Now" today is a great, easy project , 1979 Beechcraft Skipper !! Great to use as a trainer/time builder or to have some fun with! 1497 Total time on Airframe & Engine, Avionics - King KMA20 Audio Panel, King KX170B with KI201 Localizer indicator. King KT76A Transponder w/encoder, 3 Light Marker Beacon, 2 place intercom. Insight engine monitor, digital chronometer. The radios are, of course, out in the pictures but included with sale. I have no idea of their functionality. Paint is old, t he plane will either need paint or just fly it ugly!! Interior is in poor shape. Carpets are gone, seats are old upholstery. Glass is fair shape. Right rear quarter window is crazed. Easy project and easily made flyable. No logs!! The back story is that the plane was brought into the shop for an annual, shop found it needed 2 cylinders worked on, at the same time they had some instruments out for overhaul, the instruments will be included but their functionality is not known . Lots of work was done but unfortunately the plane has been sitting for years since. Well long story short, the previous owner never paid the bill. After some back and forth the previous owner passed the ownership to the shop, but the previous owner failed to produce the logs. I then purchased it from the shop. The shop has work invoices that confirm the work and times. The plane will have to be trucked/trailered from it present location. Skippers are easy to move. The gear is on the fuselage so you can roll it onto a trailer and pull the wings. This is a great project to be ready for some summer flying!! Remember, its a Beechcraft and built like a brick sh$t-house!! A perfect project plane for primary training, time building, or just to fly around on the weekends to find the perfect hamburger!! Feel free to call with any questions!
Please be and stay aware of what price you have bid, what price you are bidding and how many times you have bid!! Relisting is expensive and wastes time for everyone!!
This one wont last!! Cheap Skippers are hard to find!! The guys who send me a bunch of emails never get these deals!!! The plane is located in Connecticut!! Please be aware of where the aircraft is located for your pick up or delivery!
!!!Somebody"s going to get a great deal on a great plane!!!
Ok, now for the legal stuff: This is an auction. You bid you buy. Winning the bid doesn"t give you the chance to inspect it. Do your due diligence prior to auction end. REMEMBER-This is not a new aircraft. It is 41 years old. Feel free to call with any questions!! The only stupid question is the one not asked! Since we buy planes all over the country they are not always in our own location. Please call for location info. I will be glad to accommodate you with your purchase.
Thanks, Chris
New Note for all my aircraft auctions- I sell on Ebay for one reason, to sell them. Please follow the payment instructions to the tee or the sale will be canceled and the aircraft will be re-listed. As stated, I require a $500.00 deposit in 24 hours and full payment within 3 days. I run a 5 day auction and that is the time you need to make arrangements to do your viewing and inspection. I will provide you with references of past buyers. Yes, in some cases you may have to buy sight unseen but I have had many parties do that and they have not been disappointed.
Most all of my Aircraft auctions end with "BUY IT NOW"!! If you want it, don"t hesitate!!! Give me a call!!!
Remember! This is a No Reserve Auction!!Buy it now is $7,995.00!!! Don"t wait, Snooze you lose!!!Remember once someone bids on it the "Buy It Now" goes away!! Jump on it if you want it!!This is a killer deal and you all know it!!! Don"t be the person that calls me after the plane sells and says "Jeez, I really wanted that!" Hit the Buy It Now button!!
Note: I own all of the planes I sell. I do not broker planes. All titles are clear and clean and ownership has been transferred to my company, Seaside Aviation L.L.C. by FAA Form #8050-2 "Bill of Sale".
Current date: 2020-03-02