1979 Piper 5400TTAF 1050 SMOH L 1500 SMOH R (1800 TBO) IRAN d for cam replacement 625 Hours ago.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1979
Make: Piper
5400TTAF 1050 SMOH L 1500 SMOH R (1800 TBO) IRAN"d for cam replacement 625 Hours ago Motors Will Run Another 1000 Hours Easy! No Damage History Excellent Logs (Complete on "ADLogs") Avidyne IFD 540 WAAS FMS Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B IN/OUT DAC 31 GPSS Steering 1979 Piper Navajo C model 5482TT 1050 LH Engine Lycoming TIO-540 Mattituck 1500 RH Engine Lycoming TIO-540 Mattituck IRAN"d at 950 for Cam Replacement 625 both Hartzel 3 blade deice props. 3/2019 annual 2,274# useful load Avidyne IFD 540 WAAS FMS Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B in and out PS Eng 6000 audio panel w/ 6 place intercom KFC200 3 axis autopilot, electric trim DAC GDC 31 GPSS steering KI-525 HSI Stormscope Co-pilot full instruments and PTT Fuel flow and digital TIT gauge Anti-collision strobes and recognition lights 7 seat leather interior, rear cargo door, nose baggage, deice boots, props, and heated windshield, 40 degree flaps. Very nice low time C model Navajo. Certainly the cheapest on the market. Avionics update last year to WAAS Avidyne IFD 540 FMS with newest software which has Synthetic Vision, NEXRAD radar, ForeFlight integration, and live traffic displayed. Garmin GTX 345 for ADSB In and out 2020 1090 compliant. WiFi connectivity to Avidyne FMS and Bluetooth from transponder gives you traffic, weather, AHRS and more on your IPAD and other portable devices. Fully integrates with ForeFlight, Garmin pilot, and many other apps.
Some Negatives about the airplane:Airplane was out of annual from 2014-2016...but acquired some hours on it....I didn"t own it then...No cam corrosion (most of the jugs are less than 100 hours old and cam inspection was done...Props were overhauled back in 2001, but were resealed within the past few years...no issues...but...were overhauled awhile agoEngines were overhauled in the late 90"s...but have been opened up since....L engine logbook showed a inaccurate aggregation of time (typo) on the LAST annual.Original paint is presentable but not new. PLANE IS LOCATED AT KDPA.... Check with your checking account, wife, partner, the Pentagon, etc. No, I won"t deal with your finance company, no deposits to hold it, etc. Wire transfer or cash only. Price is NON NEGOTIABLE!!!! Current annual, annual due 3/2020 WILL DELIVER ANYWHERE IN THE US FOR FUEL AND PLANE TICKET HOME! Will be sold on a FAA 8050-2 Bill of Sale...no liens, clear title search!
Check out Flightaware! N3539U....we"re flying it regularly!
New Plane arrives Monday...need the space
Call... 312 622-7533
No, I will not fly it to you to show it to you. No, I will not take a deposit, Yes, you can inspect it at KDPA, No, the logbooks are not scanned I just shot some pics of the last few annuals and such...
I don"t care if you click the buy it now or not...it is for sale until it is paid for...
I"ve sold this airplane twice, once to a guy who left a deposit, had it inspected...then changed his mind because it had no crew door....once I delivered it.
The second guy left a deposit and his wife said no...so, needless to say I"m sick of dealing with people in regards to this airplane. If you want it, buy it. If you are planning on coming 3 days from now to look at it, at this price it better be sold, if not...I need to rethink life!
Sorry for the rants...but I"ve been dealing with nothing but idiots with this airplane...and I"m done.
This plane has almost my asking price in the panel!!!!
I had this listed on my other account but...us Mac users store all of our passwords, and I left my MacBook on a United Flight!
Plane is listed on FB Trade a Plane Barnstormers etc...it will sell at this price...and fast...
Current date: 2020-01-09