“A very nice Piper Seneca II Avidyne IFD 540 Century 2000 AP GPSS steering.” Piper 1979 1979 Piper.

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Make: Piper Model Year: 1979
1979 Piper Seneca II CR N327CA Serial #79702761500LB USEFUL LOAD
If you"ve been looking for a very honest Seneca II with impeccable paint, interior, and Piper Service Center Annuals! This is the plane! I purchased this Seneca II from the second owner, who owned it most of its" life. A corrosion free Texas airplane that was ATP owned and flown for the past 30 years, and unfortunately, he lost his Medical, and sold me the plane. I bought it because every annual is 3 pages long...it"s ridiculous the $20,000 annuals this airplane had, anything from a cloudy VSI to crack in the windshield sealant was addressed.
I"ve owned a lot of airplanes, and this particular airplane is no pig in lipstick! I just flew it on a 700NM trip issue free. It is a joy to fly and after reviewing the maintenance, makes you feel confident in the airplane!
The paint is about 10 years old, but looks like it was painted yesterday! No scuff and shoot here, the attention to detail in the paint is fantastic, and I would rate it a strong 9, and I am about the most picky person you"ll ever encounter!
The interior is about 5 years old, and everything was done in real leather and the fit and finish is excellent...the interior...looks new!
Mechanically, she is squawk free,
AvidynE 540 GPS A Garmin 340 Audio Panel, a backup King KX155 Nav/Com and a Sandel HSI, autopilot is a digital Century 2000, with altitude hold, preselect, GPSS roll steering, automatic pitch trim, etc. will shoot a approach spot on and works excellent, no issues! No hunting, wobbling, S turning, or any other issues. It also has electric techs...work excellent.
Long Range Fuel Tanks
Air Conditioning Blows Cold!
The engines are Continental TSIO-360"s with about 1100 hours SFOH! But!!!! They were both torn down (IRAN"d) 625 hours ago, in 2013...all the cylinders have less than 300 hours on them and the plane uses no oil, leaks no oil, etc. I believe both the turbos have about 500 hours on them (They sold the previous owner everything they could, it"s insane)
The props are Hartzell 3 Blade Props...and boy does she look mean with the 3 blade props on her. They have around 600 hours since new.
The reason the engines were IRAN"d was the plane taxied over a branch that the wind blew on the taxiway...remember (it blew) on the taxiway, so Piper sold him a IRAN, and might as well throw a new set of props on it while we"re at it. (I have the old props, a bit of green from the leaves, and a nick you can catch your finger nail on)....once again...very picky open checkbook maintenance.
I"d bet these motors will run another 1000 hours without pulling a cylinder!
This plane was always a regular flier with always 150 hours a year put on her...surely not a hangar queen! Total time is 7500ish and she was NEVER A TRAINER!
She flies straight and true!
If there is a downside to anything on this plane is 2 things, as of now...the annual is expired...I flew it 600+ NM home issue free. She will need a fresh annual. Also, the transponder is not ADS-B compliant, but the GPS is a WAAS unit, so that makes ADS-B a snap.
I own a bunch of planes, and seem to collect them...I don"t have the room for it. So, my wife isn"t happy I bought it...and I think its best to just to get my money back out of it then deal with the wife!
I have a clean title search, AeroSpace report, etc.
I had a very particular A&P do a very extensive pre buy on the plane, and this plane will pass any and all pre-buy inspection you can throw at it...its very proper!
Or, fly it home...I"ll sign it off for a ferry permit and do it yourself....
I got a very fair deal on the plane and I am doing a fire sale to make room for another plane. I figure the value of a Garmin 345 ADS-B IN/OUT 1090ES and a GOOD annual (it does not need ANYTHING) to be less than $10,000. So...pick your poison...
There is nothing of this Pedigree and condition available for under 125K...anywhere...except here! Sure, if you want a junk you"ll spend $20,000 on catch up annuals....theres plenty of those available for 125K
Give me a call to discuss...(312) 622-7533
Will Deliver anywhere in the lower 48 for the price of fuel and a plane ticket home...
Payment via bank check or wire transfer....and no...I don"t want to deal with your finance company and I won"t fly it anywhere for a pre-buy...excellent mechanics on the field...or look at my $3,500 pre-buy!
Looking for a easy...drama free transaction....which rarely happens in airplane deals!
There is the logbook entries from the last annual...flown 30 hours since! Now thats a ANNUAL!!!!
Here is a video of a ground run I took last week, notice a Garmin 530W is installed, I put a Avidyne IFD 540 WAAS in it...Will come with the new $13,000 Avidyne 540 at asking price.
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