Notes: “ Near Mint Condition, no damage History, under cover when not being flown, ready to go.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Near Mint Condition, no damage History, under cover when not being flown, ready to go, needs nothing. ”
Model Year: 1981 Make: Robinson R22

1981 Robinson R22, 1989 TT AIRFRAME, never a Trainer, Privately owned, maintained & Flown by a Helicopter Specialist, always hangered with canopy cover over glass, fly this one home boys ! ! needs nothing but a pilot, 950 TT Lycoming 0-320-A2C Engine with Retard magnetos, has electric Heater , & New external Jumps, I can be reached at for all info. you might need (NO E-MAILS) , never been Damaged & always hangared & well taken care of, -2 main Rotor Blades which in my opinion is the Best Blade ever made for the R22, flies smooth as Silk, Please serious only, Plenty Of power for 2 Big People, these are sought after 1st. Generation R22s, & until you fly one you will never know what I am talking about, they are awesome machines, can deliver for a Fee ! !, STCd to run Auto Gas (No Ethanol), Has PTT Push to talk intercom for Radio & pilot to passenger, both independent from each other, Nice Radio & 604 Apollo Morrow ll Loran C Navigator, Helicopter has logs from Day one & has been well maintained, & new parts replaced as needed for safe flight, , REBUILT 0-320-A2C ENGINE & WAS INSTALLED AT 950 TT, so engine is low time ( STRONG COMPRESSION & USES NO OIL) , COMPRESSION 74/80, 76/80/ 78/80/ 75/80, TRANSMISSION WAS CHECKED & RE INSTALLED 320 TT, to comply with ad 95-06-03, also T/R gear box was installed to comply with ad 95-23-05, Good Logs from day one & Maintenance records, I reserve the right to refuse any bid or buyer as the ship is listed in other places. ADS COMPLIED WITH ARE AS FOLLOWS, 80-03-01, 80-08-08, 80-11-07,80-21-53, 80-24-01, 80-26-06, 81-03-52, 81-05-52 R1, 81-19-03, 81-24-10, 82-03-07, 82-11-01, 82-15-07, 82-23-51, 83-15-07R1, 84-18-04, 87-18-03,88-24.03L, 88-26-01R2, 90-17-01, 92-6-17, 94-11,01L, 94-15-08, 94-17-07, 95-02-03L, 95-04-14, 95-06-03, 95-06-07, 95-11-09, 95-23-05, 95-26-04, 96-09-29, 96-11-08, 97-2-14, 97-25-05, 55-2-2, 59-10-07, 63-23-02, 64-16-05, 66-20-04, 75-08-09-R(3), 81-18-04R2, 87-10-06R1, 90-04-06R1, 91-08-07C, 91-14-22, 92-12-05, 92-20-07L, 93-05-21L, 93-11-11, 94-14-13L, 95-26-02, 96-09-10C, 97-01-03, 97-15-11, 93-19-04C, 98-01-06, 73-07-04, 74-26-09, 82-20-01, 94-01-03R2, 94-06-09, 76-07-12, 84-26-02, Helicopter is nice inside & out, & so is the glass, what you would expect from one that has been well taken care of, I have a landing pad that is extra if you want it & also Ground Handling wheels but they do not go with the sale, they can be purchased separate, I just went through the logs & this is some of what has been done through the years on the Helicopter, AT THE END OF THIS AUCTION & YOU ARE THE HIGH BIDDER , THEN YOU BOUGHT IT, SERIOUS ONLY PLEASE. N# AND REGISTERED WITH THE FAA.
Located in Blountsville, Alabama, United States.
Current date: 2018-09-29