Cessna Featured Refinements: Cessna 182 1983 1983 Cessna 182RG II 9000 TTAFLycoming 540 230HP (non.

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Condition: Used Make: Cessna
Featured Refinements: Cessna 182 Model Year: 1983
1983 Cessna 182RG II 9000 TTAFLycoming 540 230HP (non turbo)150KTS IAS All day
Needs wing skin repair, mechanic put plane on jacks to install new main tires...and the plane fell off the jacking pad on the right wing, damaged the upper leading edge skin....actually peeled it off the buck rivets...no damage to spar or ribs...its just the skin. Again it didn"t touch the spar or ribs. The left wing got a little wrinkle in the bottom skin I can"t even photograph...I wouldn"t even bother with it. I was quoted $8,000 to fix the plane with a new skin.
This plane is in annual and I can throw a patch on the right wing and ferry it to you anywhere in the lower 48 States
that is the sad part....but...this is a very interesting specimen!
This RG has a interesting history with a outstanding pedigree. This is a flyer to keep! This plane was bought new by a leasing company for the FBI. It was professionally flown by the FBI for 30 years. It is one of the first planes on AD-LOG and has some of the most impeccable maintenance history I have ever seen. It was ALWAYS Cessna SERVICE CENTER SERVICED...without exception! It was professionally flown since new...does not have one stop drill or bit of hangar rash on the plane...You"d think you were getting in a 1000 hour airplane. It"s that tight! I"d rather have the 9000 hour airframe t was eventually sold in the mid 2000"s to a guy that didn"t fly it much...and boy did he pay for it.
Yes, in all technicality the engine is over TBO...ready for the boneyard...but not so fast. It"s actually a 300 hour engine...we just can"t call it that, and here is why.
At around 1800 hours the case was found to have a crack...and guess what? the cam was showing corrosion...so...the engine was pulled apart, a new case was fitted, with all new bearings, cam...so on and so forth...(Poplar Grove Airmotive).then 50 hours later the dual mag was replaced, then 50 hours later the cylinders were overhauled by Poplar Grove. So...because these things were done...not all at once...its not a overhaul...but...no stone was left unturned and the cylinders were done last year and the cam was perfect....so I"d assume another 2000 hours out of this engine....
Then came the $30,000 2019 Service Center annual inspection, where the gear was rebuilt, the brakes....everything you can possibly imagine was done, KFC autopilot was overhauled. (19 page annual)....
Then....oh boy...ADS-B was coming...so...a GTX 375 IFR Certified GPS, ADS-B was installed in the ridiculous King stack.
Yep, she"s got 2 audio panels, ADF, DME, RNAV....2 Coms...the reason for this is it was a FBI plane...so one pilot could talk to one controller and the other could talk to the other.
It has GPSS steering, a slaved HSI...altitude hold, preselect. Autopilot will fly every approach.
This plane is truly amazing. The interior is a 10...I was very hesitant in buying this plane...but the log books give you goose bumps...it"s likely the best 182RGII out there.
I fly it every chance I get...it"s had 100k thrown at it in the past 24 months, and is the best 182 I"ve ever owned...and I just buy planes for fun.
I had a pre-buy done by a Cessna Service Center...and they were positively amazed at the airplane...they said it"s the finest 182 they"ve ever seen, of any vintage...this thing is a super star!
I don"t need to sell it...but I don"t have time to deal with the wing....I wanted 100k for it...whatever less I get for it, the mechanic is paying...so....make me a offer!
Check flight aware...I flew it 6 hours last week!
Current date: 2020-05-20