1984 Grob For sale is a Grob 109A Motor Glider Aircraft Serial No. 6125. FAA registry N4097D. Very.

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Condition: Used Model Year: 1984
Make: Grob
For sale is a Grob 109A Motor Glider Aircraft Serial No. 6125. FAA registry N4097D. Very little corrosion overall. The airplane has a broken fiberglass canopy and must be repaired I purchased a new piece of glass from Switzerland and had it shipped in a custom plywood crate (the canopy was $4000 and shipping FEDEX Ground was $1,500). The blown fiberglass canopy is sealed in the plywood box pictured just off the right wingtip by the shipping container. The frame of the canopy is good, however the canopy glass needs to be exchanged. I learned the hard way the only place to purchase a replacement canopy is from Grob in Switzerland, they wanted me to purchase a 3 pieces. Included is a new $1750 Canvas Canopy Cover. The airplane also needs a complete paint job because of UV damage.The seat covers were recently refurbished with FAA approved material (extra material included). Also included is a newer battery.
1333 Total Time on the airframe and motor. I do not have the most recent log books. The motor has 365 hours SMOH. The Hoffman propeller is in good condition. The airplane has always been professionally maintained with no damage history. Avionics and maintenance were maintained through 2008, the plane has not flown since 2008. Wings are removable for transportation. Detached the wings are 30 ft long. Online there is a downloadable pdf available at: here plane is 5.5 ft tall, 26 ft long, and 54.5 ft wide. Usable fuel is 20.6gal. Type of engine is Lymbach L 2000 EB 1A. The aircraft is not airworthy because it needs; the canopy replaced, composite work, paint, and the motor needs to be overhauled. The aircraft has never been grounded. The landing struts are in good condition.I"m auctioning my motor glider and offering to assist with transporting the plane.I have a tilt trailer the fuselage will easily roll onto. I will assist in driving the fuselage however the buyer agrees to take responsibility for and pays for the wings to be transported. I will assist with loading and securing the wings. The airplane is located at 18363 Hwy 238, Grants Pass, Oregon is available for inspection.Photos of the original maintenance log are available upon request, I can email them to you. I previously deleted the auction because I wish I could add more photos to the listing as emailing additional photos became tedious on my phone. So I deleted the old log book photos and added more photos of the aircraft. I have two little kids and ran out of energy for this project plane. The avionics are operable and "bones" of the airframe are in good condition. Feel free to ask question. The aircraft is available for inspection. Stall speed is 47 kts, maneuvering speed is 119 kts. Grob G 109From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to search
RoleMotor gliderManufacturerGrob AircraftDesignerBurkhart GrobFirst flight14 March 1980Primary userRoyal Air Force (Retired from service 5th of May 2018)
The Grob G109 is a light aircraft developed by Grob Aircraft AG of Mindelheim Mattsies in Germany. It first flew (G109 prototype and then Production G109A form) in 1980 the G109B followed in 1984. It is a two-seat self-launching motor glider in which the pilot and passenger or student sit side by side, with good visibility provided by large windows.As well as normal civilian use this aircraft was also used in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Gliding Squadrons (VGS) to train Air Cadets through the Gliding Induction and Gliding Scholarship courses up until 5 May 2018, when it was retired from service. The Grob 109B was known in RAF service as the Vigilant T1 .[1] The G 109 was the first motor glider built using composite construction to be granted Federal Aviation Administration approval.[2]
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