“1986 Piper Malibu ready to fly fresh annual!” Piper 1986 PICS, LOGS, Phone number to call mehttps.

Item specifics Condition: Seller Notes:
Make: Piper Model Year: 1986

PICS, LOGS, Phone number to call me here (2000 TBO/310-HP) & PROP
TCM TSIO-550-C1B, S/N 802518 (Turbocharged/Fuel-Injected)
Installed NEW in 1995 @ 3177-TT, 2691-TTE, 1361-SMOH (2002 @ 1340 HM),
129-STOH (May 2016) with 6 Factory New Cylinders @ 5755-TT/2578 HM
MT V-14-D/195-30a 4-Blade Constant Speed Prop, Hub S/N 01453
723-SPOH (2008 by MT Prop), 1351-TTPAvionics:AVIONICS – IFR
Honeywell RDR-2000 Color Vertical Profile WX Radar & IN-182 Indicator
Bendix/King KFC-150 A/P with KAS-297B ALT & VS Preselect/ALT Alert & KC-296 YD
Bendix/King KC-192 Autopilot Computer
Bendix/King KMA-24 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon
Bendix/King KNS-80 RNAV System
Garmin GTN-750 WAAS GPS/NAV/COM/MFD & GA-55 Satellite Antenna
Garmin GTX-33ES ADS-B Out Remote Transponder
Garmin GTX-345 Transponder ADS-B Out Compliant
Garmin G-500 MFD/PFD w/SVT
Garmin SL-30 Com Transceiver
Garmin GRS-77 AHRS
Garmin GTP-59 Temp Probe
Garmin GDL-69 XM Receiver
Garmin GDL-82 ADS-B Receiver
TCI SSD-120-30A Encoder
Shadin Mini-Flo-L Fuel Flow
Warning Light Annunciator Panel
Icarus 3000U ALTITUDE Serializer
Astron 24-12 DC Converter
Dual Vacuum Pumps
Garmin GDU-620 Display Unit
Garmin GDC-74A Air Data Computer
Garmin GMU-44 Magnometer
Garmin GAD-43 Heading Adaptor
Garmin GA-35 WAAS Antenna
WSI AV-200 Data Link
Quiet Flite Intrepid Intercom System
JPI EDM-711 Engine Analyzer
BFG WX-1000 Storm Scope
Post Lights
PlasTech Sun Visors
Static Wicks
Precise Flight Pulse Lights
Painted Spinner Cone
Narco ELT-10 ELT
Ground Clearance Switch
Reading Lights
Baggage Door Light
Piper Aux Heater Kit
Tanis Engine Pre-Heater
OAT Probe& Gauge
PowerPac SP9000 Spoilers
Recognition Light/Nav Lights/Strobes
Standby Battery & Dual Alternators
Fire Extinguisher
Battery Minder
LoPresti Boom Beam Wingtip Lights
Oil Cooler & Air/Oil Separator
Radio Master Switch
Wing Ice Inspection Light
Map Light
Inertial Reel Shoulder Harnesses
Slick Mags
Pitot & Stall Warning Heat
LoPresti HID Landing/Taxi Light
Stainless Cam-Loc Fasteners & Grommets
Push to Talk, Ident & CWS
Pilot Relief TubeInterior:EXTERIOR - (Rated 8/10)
1997 Paint by Custom Planes Inc: Imron White, Acryglo Light Burgundy & Platinum
CABIN (Rated 8/10)
Interior Recovered in 1997 with New Classic Carpet, Douglas Stretch Wool,
Schmidt America Sandy Beach Leather & Allante Vinyl with Matching Side Walls,
Suede Headliner & Pleated Shades
Arm & Head Rests, Storage Cabinets,
Executive Writing Table, Club Seating
Aerosheep Crew Sheepskin CoversOther comments:
Useful 1228 lbs./Empty Wt 2872 lbs.
OCT 2019 ANNUAL – Next Due OCT 2020
Complete Logbooks
Hangared in Hillsville, VA (HLX Airport)
No Major Damage
IFR Cert Due June 2021
550 CONVERSION! 4-Blade MT Prop! 140 Gallons LR Fuel Capacity
“PRESSURIZED, AIR CONDITIONED, KNOWN ICE” Equipped with New Style Piper Engine Mount
Specifications subject to verification upon inspection Aircraft is subject to prior sale.
Maintenance Highlights:
2018: New Concorde Aircraft Battery & New Sky-Tec Starter Installed
2012: New Landing Gear Motor Installed
2005: New Engine Mount Installed
2002: Fuel System Remanufactured & Overhauled
1995: RAM Engine Baffle Kit Installed
1993: Electric Flap Cam Modification Installed
1992: LH Wingtip Replaced
1988: LH Aileron Replaced with Factory New Part, RH Wing De-Ice & Prop Boots Replaced
1986: Induction Air Inlet Reinforcement Kit 765-304 Installed (SL 989)
Compression Results, Cylinders 1-6:
2016: (1) 75/80, (2) 74/80, (3) 75/80, (4) 75/80, (5) 72/80, (6) 74/80
2017: (1) 75/80, (2) 69/80, (3) 71/80, (4) 71/80, (5) 70/80, (6) 71/80
2018: (1) 70/80, (2) 66/80, (3) 67/80, (4) 72/80, (5) 68/80, (6) 74/80
2019: (1) 71/80, (2) 64/80, (3) 67/80, (4) 65/80, (5) 68/80, (6) 70/80
The Smooth Running, Efficient TCM/Continental 550 has: (a) been de-rated to 310-HP and (b) has a Slightly
Longer Stroke, (c) Offers More Power at Higher Altitudes and (d) is not Limited to 5 Minutes Max Power.
The 550 STC was Approved in 1994. Advantages of the 550 vs. the TCM 520 Motor: An Increase in Speed of 7-
10 Knots at Flight Levels, Slightly Better Climb Rate at Higher Altitudes, and Slightly Higher Fuel Flow.
According to Many Owners, the 520 had Leaning Issues, Engine Fires & Cylinder Problems. Operators Also
Experienced Broken Cranks, Fuel Pump Failures, and Piston Cracking. The 550 is a More Superior Engine
Providing Less Unscheduled Maintenance Problems.
7-Hour Cruise with Long Range Tanks!
65% Power @ FL200 Yielding 200 Knots with a 15.5 GPH Fuel Burn
70% Power @ FL250 Yielding 210 Knots with a 16.0 GPH Fuel Burn vs. the Mirage Fuel Burn of 22 GPH
75% Power: 50 Degrees LOP Recommended
Recent Hours Flown Between Annual Inspections:
2015: 5697 Hours TTAF
2016: 5754 Hours TTAF
2017: 5826 Hours TTAF
2018: 5864-Hours TTAF
2019: 5884-Hours TTAF
Total flight time between 2015 & 2019 Annuals: 187 hours
Previously Based in Bloomington, IL; Now Based in Hillsville, VA.
(1) N550JK is still being flown regularly; therefore, airframe, engine, prop, and appliance times may be
slightly higher than the hours listed.
(2) Co-pilot gauges have been removed but go with the aircraft. The seller has installed an I-Pad mount on
the co-pilot side. The uninstalled JPI EDM-900 is a negotiable item.
(3) On August 8, 2008 - Pilot lost directional control on the takeoff roll in St. Louis, MO resulting in a
ground loop. Prop and wingtip repaired due to minor damage.
1986 MALIBU: 550 Engine 1361-SMOH, Recent Top w/New Cylinders, 4-Blade, Garmin 33ES/ 345/ G500/ 750, KFC-150 A/P, GEM, FRESH ANNUAL & IFR,
Current date: 2019-10-25