1988 Robinson 1988 Robinson R22 Beta. This helicopter was factory overhauled in 1999 and currently.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1988
Make: Robinson
1988 Robinson R22 Beta. This helicopter was factory overhauled in 1999 and currently has 2298 hours total time since overhaul. Also note that in the Robinson R22 Maintenance manual it mentions 2200 / 12 yr overhaul/ inspection, The overhaul/inspection is not mandated by FAA So this helicopter can continue to be operated under part 91 regulation as long as the life limited components have time remaining.
Annual inspection due 10/2020. Auto gas STC just installed at $800. ADS-B is not installed. Tailbeacon ADS-B available for $2150.
PART #NAMESERIAL #INSTALLED HOBBS TIME ON PART@INSTALLLIFE LIMITREMOVE@HOBBSCURRENT HOBBSTIME REMAnnualDUE 10/2020100 HR DUE 2397.2A016-6MR BLADE Due 5/12/20247542297.22034.322002462.92297.2165.7A016-6MR BLADE DUE 5/12/20248862297.22034.322002462.92297.2165.7A158-1MR SPINDLES19896/198952297.21819.324152677.42297.2380.2A154-1MR HUB385400440044002297.22102.8A029-2TR BLADE DUE 8/29/202454301851.9022004051.92297.21754.7A029-2TR BLADE DUE 8/29/202454791851.9022004051.92297.21754.7A023-23TAILCONE310500440044002297.22102.8A062-1TR HUB52171851.90600060002297.23702.8A020-2 FRAME ASSY UPPER375100440044002297.22102.8A046-2Frame Lower R.H204800511051102297.22812.8
Pre buy inspections are available and encouraged by appointment. This helicopter is currently flying and hours will change.This is a no reserve auction so it will sell to the highest bidder! Call or message through . This Helicopter is also available locally and the auction can be ended at any time!! IF YOU DON"T INTEND TO BUY DON"T BID!
Current date: 2020-01-31