Notes: “ Quicksilver MXL Sport Ultralight in excellent condition. Updated with Parachute, Starter.

Condition: Seller notes:
“ Quicksilver MXL Sport Ultralight in excellent condition. Updated with Parachute, Starter, and Large tundra tires. Excellent flyer. New double surfaced sails in excellent shape. It's very responsive, docile and forgiving in flight. Always hangar-ed and covered. ”
Model Year: 1989 Make: Quicksilver

Quicksilver MXL Many expensive upgrade features, doubling the value. The cost of new covering alone, cost $2,000! *Ballistic Recovery Parachute. $3,500 *Ultraviolet resistant surface coating. 800 *Dual surface wings. *Electric Start, Rotax Aircraft Engine. *Dual Bing carburetors *Hydraulic disk brakes *Tundra wheels *Air speed meter *Exhaust and Head temp gages. *RPM and Altimeter gages *5 belt reduction drive Hangered and covered. You will love this aircraft, this is one of the best and most forgiving and most produced ultralights in the world. Parts are still in production and wildly available. It comes with a spare parts and an extra gas tank and spare seat not shown. DISCLAMER: this item has been used as an aircraft successfully and it worked great, and was a lot of fun! However, the seller makes no claim that it is now suited for any use. Seller is not trained or qualified to know about or properly describe this item or related parts. Seller is not qualified to make any appropriate assessments, Therefore, any description describing it should not be construed to imply or warrant that the item is safe or currently ready to be used in any particular or general manner. If the seller says, writes, types or otherwise communicates something to the effect of: “fly’s Great” or “Good condition” for example, that should be considered to be nothing more than an opinion from an unqualified person. The statements should not be relied upon. In the event the buyer wishes to use this item or related parts in any way, we advise the buyer to contact a professional to determine if it is possible and to determine what training and preparations would be needed prior to any use. The exact year and exact name of the aircraft may not be accurate, the words or symbols “mx 2” or the word “sport” or other identifiers, words or symbols may not accurately describe the item. However, the item photographed is the actual item for sale. You will have limited time to pick up all items after winning a bid or selecting buy it now, we will normally offer more time when requested, but we also might not. So, let us know if you will need extra time and it should be no issue. If you do not stay in contact with us and or if you do not pick up the item within 7 days, we may re-list it or sell it in another way. In the event we store the item longer than 7 days the storage cost will be $10 per day unless another arrangement is agreed to. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this item as much as we did. (: The following Key Words are for Search engine optimization only and may not describe the item accurately: “Quicksilver MX II, MX-2 Sport, MX Glider, Ultralight, Ultra-Light, Ultra Light, Ultralite, Experimental Aircraft, Light Sport Aircraft, LSA, L.S.A., Hang Glider, Ultralight Aircraft, part 103, powered parachute”.
Located in Llano, California, United States.
Current date: 2018-12-24