1997 Dassault 1997 Dassault Falcon 20F 5BR 50 Hour DRY LEASE Full Compliance with AC 91 37B and I do.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Model Year: 1997
Make: Dassault
1997 Dassault Falcon 20F-5BR 50 Hour DRY LEASE Full Compliance with AC 91-37B and I do not hold myself out to be a air carrier.
A Dry Lease, per the FAA means...in summation...you are leasing the aircraft, but I do not provide any flight crew members, (I can supply a list of all known DA/20 rated crews) and you purchase the fuel. You hold operational control over the aircraft, you decide where to go, when to go...etc.
Aircraft based at KDPA (Dupage, Illinois) but can negotiate repositioning anywhere in the lower 48 States.
Rate is for a 50 Hour Dry Lease for the airplane...I will sell blocks of 20/50/100 hours
Yes, I own the Aircraft, outright...and it is my baby...maintained with a open checkbook to the highest standards.
1997 TFE-731-5BR/ EFIS-85 Retrofit Dassault (France) $3 Million
Engines Maintained on MSP Gold Low Time (7000 Hour Airframe) Paint and Interior 2016 ($400,000) Duncan Aviation Full ADS-B Out Compliant
9 Passenger seating! GOGO in flight Wifi Twin Airshow Screens Full Aft Lavatory 480KT cruise at FL410 burning 220gph! 2200nm range...We can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to New York, and Internationally.
I"d much rather sell long term blocks for a regular business/user...but understand that is a big commitment. So, I"d be happy to start with a smaller block of time
The FA/20 with the BR engine upgrades makes it one of the quickest, most economical jets in the Country.
This is my personal business tool, but I do not utilize it enough to reach my 150 Hour MSP minimums I have to pay per year on the engines...so this is not a business to make money, but to keep the jet flying regularly and absorb some of those costs. I now have use of our Company jet, so this aircraft went from flying 70 hours a month...to until a month ago...and now realizing I won"t use it much...but I enjoy and trust this plane so I refuse to sell it...just trying to mitigate the costs.
Happy to reposition for a 50-100 hour lease.
You can reach me at (312) 622-7533 with any questions. This is my personal cell phone, and I"m happy to explain anything to qualified parties.
Here is a video of the jet in its habitat. It may NOT be viewable from a cell phone. My best advice is to call me up, and we can talk more about it!

we are dupageaviation.com

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