“Most parts are brand new original stock” Revolution 1996 This is for 2 Revolution Mini 500.

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Make: Revolution Model Year: 1996
This is for 2 Revolution Mini 500 helicopters And a parts lot. Both helicopters will require assembly Both helicopters were flying at one pointRed helicopter and components have 17 hrs on themBlue helicopter and components have 117 hrs on them What"s included: 2 helicopters with 3 engines - 3 main rotors some still in original packaging - 3 tail rotors - 3 frames - 2 transmissions -3 tail rotor shafts -2 tail rotor gear boxes- 3 sets of instruments Helicopters and parts are all in very nice shape would make beautiful finished projects. Also included a large selection of original stock shrink wrapped parts. All numbered to reference where they go in the assembly manual .There is a few small parts that will need to be purchased or made by machine shop to fully complete 2nd helicopter. You can copy any part from the first helicopter which is complete. Second helicopter has about 90% of parts needed. Also in the lot of parts there is extra windshields - doors -gas tanks - molds to make side panels -exhausts -belt tensioners - control arms - wiring harness - clutches- radiators - skids - lights- seats- heat shields -extra body panels - pulleys -gimbals -oils - cables - fasteners - engine mounts - aircraft nuts - bolts ect...Mast support kit and engine PEP kit are also included in this lot. When you get done assembling both helicopters you will still have some parts and a frame to start build a third helicopter.
Current date: 2020-12-15