“Previously flying Velocity 173 project.” 2000 Velocity 2000 Velocity 173 Project. Previously flying.

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Model Year: 2000 Make: Velocity
2000 Velocity 173 Project. Previously flying Velocity 173 had an engine out forced landing in a alfalfa field which resulted in the landing gear breaking. Fuselage bottom has been repaired, interior rear floor has been repaired, but the front landing gear interior bulkhead area still needs to be repaired. I have a new bulkhead from the factory. Unrelated to the forced landing the main spar shear web foam was soft which happens with these older velocities, and was in the process of being replaced as per factory instructions, but has not been completed. Some other minor cracks inside the fuselage still need to be repaired and windows need polished with a plastic polishing kit. Wings suffered more damage than I would be comfortable repairing, but they could be rebuilt from the spars. If it were me, I would purchase a new wing kit from the factory. Left wing is missing winglet and aileron, right is missing rudder and aileron, but I have foam cores for new ailerons. Canard was in great shape, but found a small de-lamination on bottom side unrelated to forced landing that has been repaired. Main gear sheared at the gear midpoint, no damage to the fuselage attach points. New carbon wrapped main gear not yet installed is included in the sale with new wheels brakes and tires. This project is fixable, but will require an experienced builder to complete repairs. I simply don"t have the time to finish it. Moving is the buyers responsibility. I have moved two of these, it will require a flatbed trailer and time to build a wood jig to hold the fuselage at an angle for transport. I can help. Buyer assumes all risk for repair and final use.
Current date: 2019-07-21