Buckeye Powered Parachute 2001 This Powered Parachute was purchased April of 2001. I am the original.

Item specifics
Condition: Used Make: Buckeye Powered Parachute
Model Year: 2001
This Powered Parachute was purchased April of 2001. I am the original owner. It has never been damaged in any way. It flies perfectly. It has always been kept indoors. The Rotax engine runs perfectly. The Rotax is the 582 Blue Head, dual carbs, E-drive gearbox with electric start, and water cooled. The engine and craft has 168 hours of flight time. New fuel and oil lines plus the fuel pump rebuild have been done. It has a good battery. The chute is an Apco 500 Marc IV. The chute is packed in a Buckey parachute bag and I use Buckeye no tangle line sleeves. The craft has Trim Tabs, Buddy Pegs, Strobe Light, and runs an Ivo prop. The round mirror that Buckeye used for fuel sighting was replaced with an electric fuel gauge. The craft has a front brake that won’t stop you, but helps slow you down. I have all the books, receipts and all other papers that came with the craft and parachute. I had one mishap where I landed in a field with tall grass. At the time of starting for a take off, my prop touched the chute causing a small tear. The chute was sent to MoJo for repair and certification. I have taken a picture of the repair for you to view in the listing. One of the line sleeves has a small tear and I listed a picture of that also. The strobe light causes me grief once in awhile where it stops working. It starts working when it wants too. I believe I have a loose connection that I cannot find. I have added pictures of the trailer that IS NOT included in the action. If you are the winner of the auction the trailer is available, if you want it for a fair price. The trailer is an aluminum snow mobile trailer with a tilt bed. It is very light weight and works great as a power parachute trailer. Any one wanting to inspect the Buckey is welcome to do so before the end of auction.$500 deposit through PayPal. Cash when picked up. As is no warranty.
Current date: 2016-07-04